Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review of 'Dictating Death' by Bonnie R. Paulson


This book is not light reading. There are graphic scenes and there is not HEA. NOT intended for teens or young adults. Again, this is not light reading. Violence and craziness. You've been warned.


Samantha wants to love him.

Maria wants to kill him.

Dr. Luke Lawson has no idea that the girl he’s dating has split personalities fighting to control her body. Samantha must keep Luke safe at all costs.

If Samantha wins, Maria will die and disappear forever – taking Samantha with her.

If Maria wins, Dr. Lawson will die and she and Samantha will move on to the next doctor – the next kill.

But Luke is special.

He could save Samantha from herself… but only if Samantha can save him.

**My thoughts**

This storyline is absolutely twisted, which means it is right up my alley. Plus, I am a huge Bonnie R. Paulson fan. Missing this book was not an option.

It takes a little bit to realize that Samantha and Maria are fractured parts of the same person. I mean, you know that going into it, but it requires you actually getting used to the two voices arguing with each other while simultaneously controlling the same body. It's a concept that has fascinated me since I had to read and watch Sybil in my psychology classes.

After years of horrid abuse, Rebecca, the person whose body these women inhabit, has pretty much disappeared, allowing her split personalities to rule. It's a reminder that within all of us lies a multi-faceted persona. We all have that nasty streak, as well as a loving streak, plus a bunch of other bits and pieces all mixed in. Many of us may have times when we struggle with those facets, but can usually keep them in line. This is the ultimate battle between the good and the evil, the love and hate, the opposite extremes of oneself.

You want Samantha to win, but there are consequences if she does. Perhaps it would be easier if Maria won, but those consequences are also pretty bad. You wonder how poor Luke is going to respond to all of this. You wonder if they will get caught. You wonder if Rebecca will ever be able to reemerge and put herself back together. So many questions revolving around the story. I was glued to the Kindle to find out.

Yes, it is graphic. Even I was squirming a bit on occasion, but it enhanced the story. (This was one book I did *not* try to read while eating dinner.) It wouldn't work without these scenes.

No, there is no HEA. At least, it isn't the kind of HEA where everything is wrapped up with a pretty little bow. I actually thought in some ways it could be a happy ending, but to explain why would give away too much. It resolved in the best way possible, causing me to exclaim "Holy shit!"

Well done, Bonnie. :-)

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