Monday, May 4, 2015

'White Lies (The Empress's Love Stories Book 1)' by Phillip Lo

"White Lies" is not only a beautiful book, but it also has deep and "lesson to be learned" meaning that women all over the world will come to embrace it as lies are not to be tolerated in a Men/Women relationships. It is beautifully constructed around gorgeous writing and luscious paintings that women will come to love and embrace.

The "White Lies" story evolves around after the Empress caught that the General had lied to her, twice with white lies. The Empress then ordered the General to kneel, prostrate before her and gave him a lecture or two... Even though the Empress had caught him telling white lies twice, but then when all was said and done, the Empress forgave the General for what he had done for her. As in the middle of the night after waking up, the Empress walked to the study room, lighted up the candle and flipped her Deed Book to the General's page. The Empress then picked up a brush and wrote down what the General had told her when they were at the imperial pond. And then the Empress took out the negative marks that the General had told her the white lies. The Empress simply crossed those out with a large stroke and wrote, "Those two little white lies told by the General does not even matter anymore considering things he has done for me and my empire!"

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About the author:

Phillip Lo was born in Hong Kong and came to the United States to study in 1973 and has lived here since then. Lo holds both Master and Bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. He worked in the Aerospace industry for twenty-two years working on missiles and satellite projects for the government and commercial corporations. Since his retirement in 2009, he has primarily spent his time on Facebook and has daily show on his page since 2009. He is on his Facebook page most of the day and the page's content may change by the minute. This is Phillip's first book, but many are coming - he is actively working to get them finished and then published.

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