Monday, August 8, 2016

Pug Passion: An Everyday Guide for Pug People by Samual Adams

Pug Passion

Meet the PUG

Quirky, charming and oh so loveable,
The unique clever clown of the dog world…

With its entertaining and gentle character, the PUG will capture your heart and has the perfect temperament for anyone wanting to bring a dog into their family.

This book provides a complete guide to providing the perfect environment for this extraordinary and easily trainable breed.

Contains no-nonsense facts, tips and advice including: -

• History and origin
• Puppy to adulthood guide
• The PUG personality
• Diseases and treatment
• Training and socialization
• Breeding practices
• Behaviour and personality
• Food and nutrition
• Vaccinations

This is a complete and easy to read resource for anyone passionate about keeping PUGS as pets. In an easy to read fashion this book will answer all your questions, including those you never knew you had.

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