Sunday, August 7, 2016

She Could Be the Girl Next Door: The Jihadi Bride by Renee Uzma Matthew

She Could Be the Girl Next Door

Two American girls, one Christian the other a recent convert to Islam, make a life-changing decision to leave the Western world and travel to another land. They encounter adventures and challenges on their journey. They eventually arrive to join the ranks of the Islamic state in a place called The Land. There, they marry jihadists and lead lives of purpose and love despite their dangerous predicament. In that, they are inextricably linked with others in the human desire for love, salvation, and the meaning of life.

About Renee Uzma Matthew

Writes under the pen name Renee Uzma Matthew. She is a student of theology, graduate of Bible school, Bible teacher, chaplain, educator, and writer/author. She lives as a missionary in Puerto Rico.

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