Monday, February 20, 2017

Chaos (un)Controlled by Tael

Chaos (un)Controlled

Rixa Storms flees to a library-in-the-sky world to escape her mother’s religious, controlling nature, but finds a murky truth below the polished surface of what seems like a paradise. To emerge victorious, she’ll need to overcome her upbringing’s resulting emotional suppression to better control her power, or risk being consumed by her newfound abilities.

About Tael 

A truth-seeking, nerdy, ninja, I juggle various passions, the most noteworthy being reading, writing, gaming, anime and Japanese culture. Raised in New York City, the urban jungle holds my heart. I lamented the loss of 5PTZ. My humble writing qualifications are limited to a Bachelor’s in Journalism, membership in poetry circles, and a strong-willed determination and passion. “Truth Trebles” by definition is “Truth Resounds the Loudest.” As a verb, it echoes; as a noun, it refers to a harsh reality that no one wants to hear. I’ve recently taken an interest in fitness to expand my ninja-training. Fun-fact: I don’t own an e-reader. I still like to feel the book in my hands and smell the pages. I’m running out of shelf-space.


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