Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tears of Glass by David Lake now available as audiobook!

Tears of Glass

A failed quarterback, failed husband and failed human being, finds redemption through the music of a failed songwriter.

This darkly humorous thriller is based on real events, including the ' Accidental ' deaths of twenty two UK scientists all working on US missile systems. 

Morgan, a drinking, smoking, womaniser, is drawn to the iconic music of the seventies - Dylan, Carole King, Neil Young, Led Zep - but when he acquires a rejected demo tape by a bluesy pianist, his friends start to meet with bizarre, ' Accidental ' deaths. It eventually dawns that HE is the target . Running to the Californian desert, picking up the inevitable girl en-route, he has no idea that he has stumbled. literally, upon the biggest conspiracy the Intelligence Services have tried to hide since The Wall came down.

An imminent Nuclear Armageddon.

The contrast between those who rule our lives and those who try to live by the rules, is brought into sharp focus through a collection of disparate characters, all having their own agenda. The underlying darkness of the message is almost totally masked by the nature of the ' Ripping Yarn.' The reader rides a wave of action, humour, pathos, passion, violence and even enlightenment.
Want to read an excerpt? Check it out here.

About David Lake

David Lake has a background in Scientific research and the Music Business.He was the Marketing Director of Virgin Records in the 70's and Promoted Concerts by major artists such as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, David Crosby and Mike Oldfield.
Lake also created music videos and had a small award- winning film/ production company.

The book has links to 14 original tracks which are an integral part of the narrative and this impulse is a direct result of his friendship with the supporting singer-songwriter at the Crosby gigs in London. Paul Millns music acts as a soundtrack to the storyline. The resulting Cinematic experience promoted Irvin Kershner, Dir' Empire Strike Back,' to state - ' I want to make this movie !'

Lake lives with his family in Sussex England.

Get to know David better in this interview.

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