Monday, March 20, 2017

Lipsticks and Bullets by Fairouz Abdalla

Lipsticks and Bullets

English Literature student Fairouz dreams of a revolution and a Syria free from the rule of the tyrannical Bashar al-Assad and his minions. But revolutions are not so easily achieved, as she realises when her life transforms into a blockbuster movie before her very eyes. Fairouz Abdalla’s diary Lipsticks and Bullets takes us on an exclusive trip into her politically-charged world and among the demonstrators on the historic roads of Old Damascus and Hama. Syria is a dangerous place for an activist ­– and especially for a woman. Forced into making life or death decisions, and faced with losing all she loves, Fairouz must fight not just for a Syrian revolution, but also for the lives of her loved ones, herself, and against the growing nightmare that is ISIS.

This is not only the intimate story of a woman but a Syrian woman who is a powerful witness to the terror and horror wrought by Assad on the lives and souls of Syria’s citizens. A tale of love, bravery, courage, and dedication. Syria's story is her story.

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