Monday, September 2, 2019

Review of Room Service and Murder (Madness and Murder #2) by Melissa Baldwin

Room Service and Murder

There's never a dull day working in the hotel industry. Drug busts, arrests, plenty of clandestine escapades, and parties so wild they'd put fraternities to shame. The last thing Casey Cooper expected was to walk into a guest room and discover the lifeless body of her friend.

Though all signs point to a self-inflicted death, Casey doesn't believe it. On a truth-seeking journey to find justice for her friend, suddenly everyone looks like a suspect. Could it be the former child actress, the over-worked assistant, a long-lost relative, or even the delicious new manager who always seems to be distracting Casey from her mission to find her friend's killer?

Can Casey find the truth before the body count rises and she becomes the next victim?

**My thoughts**
As I suspected after reading the first book in this series, I liked this second cozy mystery attempt by Melissa Baldwin better. We got to know Casey slightly in the first book. Now it is her turn to shine.

I like Casey a lot. She seems to be more sure of herself and a stronger person than her roommate Kendall. She was very close to the deceased, which gives her a special insight into the alleged murder. She also seems much more perceptive of the nature of others around her.

Because Casey is so close to the victim, she is experiencing the entire investigation in a different way and it is much more intriguing. 

This time around, I also like make for the most part, although I am inclined to proceed with caution, as is Casey. After all, it is a cozy mystery, which means all kinds of plot twists are coming. And the twists and turns in this plot are definitely better than in the first book. I'm looking forward to the next book!

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