Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Review of A Tale of Two Freddies (Arnie & Zellie Cozy Mystery Series #2) by Eric Small

Welcome to the book tour for A Tale of Two Freddies, the second installment of the Arnie & Zellie Cozy Mystery series by Eric Small. I have a review of this book for you today. And if you follow the tour, you'll get more reviews, interviews, excerpts, etc. Be sure to let the author know what you think in the comments!

A Tale of Two Freddies: An Arnie & Zellie Cozy Mystery Arnie & Zellie Cozy Mystery Series) Book 2

The corpse barely missed my head. No flying cadavers, just a new case falling into the lives of our intrepid unlicensed detectives. While in dogged pursuit of a killer, Arnie and Zellie navigate the tricky waters of a full-blown romance. Solvers of a single case, they need all of that experience and more to find the murderer. How the heck did the killer get the dead guy up there? And what’s the deal with two men having almost the same name? Did one of them kill the other? Did someone else?

Along the way, Arnie and Zellie encounter a real estate company with a dark side and its own enforcer, a building manager with a chip on her shoulder, and a cleaning company owner with a grudge. Not to mention a massage therapist doubling as a realtor, and a florist who may or may not have witnessed a murder. And how does the gruff but kind deli owner fit into it all?

Is it worth risking their lives to find out?

**My thoughts**
Cozy mysteries can all vary in their levels of amateur silliness and sleuthing. This one takes best friends who became a couple, Zellie and Arnie, and continues their exploits as amateur private investigators. Apparently they stumbled upon solving a mystery in the first novel and then became a couple. Now they want to have an actual business, but are up against the tough set of rules required to actually get your PI license and are about to get into trouble. The action gets started when they go to check out a potential new office and a dead body literally falls on top of them.

They take it as a sign and delve deep into an investigation that makes me flash back to high school English class. It also has plenty of your cheesy silliness of characters and their reactions as the story unfolds. I felt like I figured out a good chunk of it before the characters did, but not all of it.

I did read this book without having read the first one and felt like I did do okay with the story. There are a lot of references to the back story throughout. But I do think it may help if you read the first one to better understand a lot of the story.

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review.

About Eric Small

Retired government attorney Eric Small began writing a cozy mystery series featuring the investigations and adventures of Arnie and Zellie in their fledgling detective agency, set in the environs of Middletown, New Jersey.

Brazen Gambit was the first in the series, and A Tale of Two Freddies continues from where that left off. Eric grew up in Middletown, and now lives in Florida with his wife, to whom he’s been married for over thirty years.

Arnie & Zellie Cozy Mysteries Website: www.ericsmallbooks.com

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