Saturday, August 8, 2009

Review of The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Author: Debbie Macomber
Publisher: MIRA Books
ISBN: 9780778326823

Debbie Macomber consistently can be found at the top of numerous bestseller lists. She is also a huge fan of the Christmas holiday. Her upcoming novel, The Perfect Christmas, is sure to enjoy the same kind of success.

While I found The Perfect Christmas to be predictable, simply by reading the back cover, I also found it to be a highly enjoyable way to relax on a summer’s evening, as I‘m a sucker for the story of a thirty-something year-old looking for love.

Cassie Beaumont is a relatable character, as she is thirty-three years old, and still single. It’s horribly difficult to meet a man. Then, any man she meets ends up being a total stinker. With so many friends in wedded bliss, her misery is amplified. When she receives a perfect Christmas card, before Thanksgiving no less, from her perfect friend with a perfect husband and a perfect boy and a perfect girl, and the perfect house, and, well, the perfect life, Cassie decides to take drastic action.

Upon the recommendation of her best friend, Angie, Cassie decides to enlist the services of Simon Dodson, a professional matchmaker. He’s assertive, somewhat egotistical, and a know-it-all. He promises that he will find her the perfect match, otherwise he will give a full refund. And the fee will be $30,000.

Before Cassie can meet her match, she must perform three simple Christmas tasks: be a charity bell-ringer, dress up as Santa’s elf, and prepare a traditional turkey Christmas dinner for her neighbors. The first two seem easy, but Cassie does not have any kind of positive relationship with any of her neighbors.

Meanwhile, her best friend, Alexis, who had been refused services by Simon, has a mysterious new man, and isn‘t sharing any dirt. And something is going on with her brother, Shawn. She focuses on her tasks so that she can meet her beloved John, while simultaneously being drawn to the enigma that is Simon.

Throughout her escapades, she has some Bridget Jones-worthy moments that make you laugh out loud as you shrink in embarrassment for her. You encourage her through her misfortunes, because you want to see her happy. And while paying $30,000 for a matchmaker seems like the most unrealistic thing in the world for even the most desperate woman to do, you realize in the end it is inconsequential. The price of true love and happiness is worth so much more than that.

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