Monday, June 20, 2022

Review of The Forgetful Bride by Debbie Macomber


She was NOT married to Joseph Rockwell! Caitlin hadn't even seen him in almost twenty years. He was now a successful Seattle contractor, who happened to be renovating the office where Cait worked as a stockbroker. But one thing hadn't changed–Joe Rockwell was still a terrible tease, telling everyone he an Cait were husband and wife. Oh, sure, they'd been "married" in a pretend ceremony when she was eight. She wished Joe would stop bringing that up. Couldn't he see he was embarrassing her–especially in front of her boss, Paul? She was in love with Paul. No, Joe insisted, she was in love with him. And on Christmas Day, he proved it.

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**My thoughts**
This one was a mixed bag for me. It had some absolutely delightful moments and then some truly cringeworthy moments. 

I love the story of Caitlin and Joseph in the beginning of the book. It is absolutely adorable.

Cait as a grown-up is a little hard to swallow. She's a grown woman, doing well in her career, but is hopelessly in love with her boss. And after a year, she can't figure out why he doesn't notice her and obsesses over it.


Maybe because he's not interested?

She makes me want to bang my head against the wall. And yet I get it. Been there, done that. Learned from it. So I try to give her some grace.

Plus now Joe is around. She is hoplessly in love with him but has a disconnect between her heart and head because she is so hung up on her boss, Paul.

Joe is somewhat juvenile in the way he picks on Cait. I was still a bit amused because I'm not the butt of his jokes. He clearly has a thing for her. I think what frustrated me the most with him is how nonplussed he would get when Paul was mentioned. I dated someone like him once.

While not necessarily one of my favorites, it was still an enjoyable way to kill a wintry afternoon. Definitely one of her older books, but I may still revisit it in the future.

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