Thursday, June 16, 2022

Download for Free: Creating Coincidence: A Truth Never Told by Paul Xandor

Creating Coincidence | A Truth Never Told | Free 40 page PDF eBook Just Released

Ever wonder, why the Law of Attraction only works sometimes? Or worse, never works at all. Let me be the first to say... every coincidence is a manifestation of the Law of Attraction. Sure! The more often you look for coincidence, the more you’ll see. But that’s nothing compared to my discovery. I don’t believe anyone has ever claimed to have the key to creating as many coincidences as you can handle. Three or four a day? Five or six an hour? This is what I intend to teach you.

Just as meditation is an altered state of consciousness; this too can be seen as an altered state of consciousness. It’s easy to learn because it’s something you already do almost every day. Just be careful. Frequent coincidences can be fun and amusing; but once the Law of Attraction kicks in, too many, too fast, can be overwhelming. Even disruptive. So proceed slowly, until you learn to control your new found power.

Best practice: consider each coincidence a guidepost. Repetitive signs will reveal and confirm your destiny! Then use this same technique, to attract the people, situations and resources you need most. With this knowledge (and some practice), you NOW have the power to make things happen!

Can this phenomenon really be turned on and off as needed? Absolutely!

Read my eBook. Run a test. See for yourself. Then your journey begins.

Let me teach you how to CREATE and DIRECT coincidence.

Download FREE PDE eBook: 
Creating Coincidence

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