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'When Summer Comes' by Brenda Novak

Contemporary Romance
Date Published:
February 2013

One day, Callie Vanetta receives devastating news . . .

She needs a liver transplant. But her doctors warn that, in her case, the chances of finding a compatible donor aren’t good. Determined to spend whatever time she has left on her own terms, she keeps the diagnosis to herself and moves out to her late grandparents’ farm. She’s always wanted to live there. But the farm hasn’t been worked in years and she begins to fear it’s too much, she’ll have to return to town.

One night, a stranger comes knocking at her door…

He’s an attractive and mysterious drifter by the name of Levi McCloud who offers to trade work for a few nights’ shelter. Callie figures she doesn’t have anything to lose. He needs a place to stay until he can fix his motorcycle; she needs an extra pair of hands. The arrangement seems ideal until what was supposed to be temporary starts to look more and more permanent. Then she realizes she does have something to lose — her heart. And, although he doesn’t yet know it, Levi stands to lose even more.

**My thoughts**

I had heard of Brenda Novak, often seeing her name on recommended reading lists, but hadn't yet read one of her books. I was excited to have the opportunity when this blog tour came around.

'When Summer Comes' is a part of a series of books that take place in Whiskey Creek. Characters are familiar across the series, and each seems to have their own story to tell. I felt like I was able to read this book, the third installment in the series, as a stand-alone. I was able to figure out who most of the characters were and to follow their backstories enough for it to make sense.

What starts as an unlikely pairing when Levi shows up on Callie's doorstep, turns into a lovely romance. There is a bit of suspense as we wait to see what secrets Levi is holding, because we already know Callie's big secret. You're also held in suspense as you wait to see what is in store for Callie's health, and may shed a few tears.

What I liked about Callie was her determination to remain independent as long as possible, as well as her big heart. I did have a hard time with how long she was keeping her illness a secret from her family and friends. I think her stubbornness in that area was one of her biggest weaknesses. I also can't imagine that a group of friends so tightly knit wouldn't be more suspicious about her health and appearance and that her parents wouldn't figure out that something was going on.

Levi is a great romantic lead, because he is a drifter who magically appears and suddenly takes over and is so helpful.

Though this book is 400 pages long, it does pass by relatively quickly. It would make for a good beach or backyard read in the sun.

My interest is piqued in the series now, and I hope to read more of the books in it.

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New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Brenda Novak is the author of more than forty-five books. A three-time Rita nominee, she has won many awards, including the National Reader’s Choice, the Bookseller’s Best, the Book Buyer’s Best, the Daphne, and the Holt Medallion. She also runs an annual on-line auction for diabetes research every May at (her youngest son has this disease). To date, she’s raised over $1.6 million. Come meet the long-time friends who have made Whiskey Creek the “Heart of Gold Country” with WHEN WE TOUCH, WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES, WHEN SNOW FALLS and WHEN SUMMER COMES.

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  1. Thank you for the review, I'm looking forward to reading When Summer Comes.


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