Wednesday, January 28, 2015

'Child of Two: Journeys Begin' by Dustin H. Austin

Book blurb-

Tash is an Awkward eighteen year old boy who was born with an unusual birthmark. Over the course of one terrifying night, he gets to find out exactly what "Child of Two" means.

Tash and his best friend Ryder's lives get turned upside down. They spend the night fighting demons, the law, a secret society and a mad man. All Tash and Ryder have to help them in their conquest is a written letter from his mother, which instructs them to travel halfway across the country to find a man that Tash has never met.

Follow Tash and his fun-loving companion Ryder on their journey. Tash falls in love for the first time and discovers many new things about himself in this coming of age fantasy novel with paranormal romance story lines.

Tash and Ryder find out that many things in this world are not what they appear to be. They meet secret soldiers whose main purpose is to hunt down and fight demons. Can Tash and Ryder stay one step ahead of the demons? Can they find this mystery man before it's too late?)

Dustin H. Austin, a former police officer, is enjoying life with his retired K9 partner “Timmy.” His passion is helping animals and spending quality time with his Wife and their three children. Dustin and his family live in Texas.

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