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Meet Bonnie R. Paulson, author of 'Riding Redemption (Redemption Series #2)'


It is my pleasure to introduce to you one of my favorite authors, Bonnie R. Paulson. Whether it's romance, or zombies, or a serial killer, one of her stories will appeal to any reader.

What was the inspiration for this series?
My initial western romance series, the Lonely Lace series, has a villain who I felt might leave behind more destruction in his wake than we realize. The Redemption Series falls off that theory and has really taken the idea and rolled with it.
Will there be more books in this series?
Oh yes, there are five total in this series. Riding for Redemption is only book 2.
To which character did you most relate?
Sara Beth in Riding for Redemption. She has this opportunity to take this whole entire pile of rotten lemons and either wallow in the acidy sadness or make lemon meringue pie. She amazes me at her tenacity. I don’t know that I relate to her that way, but I do admire her which is saying a lot.
What do readers need to know about this series?
The Redemption Series is a sweet romance series. I don’t go into the sex or even the in depth nuances of the relationships. The girls have their own journeys they’re on and the boys complete their discoveries. It makes for a fun series.
You write so many wonderful books in so many different genres. What compels you to mix it up so much?
That is so kind of you to say. Thank you! Have you ever sat down to the same meal, over and over and over, and one day realized that you wanted more choices? That’s what kept happening to me. I love reading different genres because there are so many different stories out there. Since I write similar to how I read, the multiple genres comes naturally. Many people tell me it’s career suicide, but I have to tell you, I believe whole-heartedly that if I’m bored, than the reader will be, too. And either option is unacceptable to me.
Do you have a favorite genre to write?
Oh that is a great question. This is like do I have a favorite genre to read. I’m actually not partial to any one genre – writing or reading. I would have to say that if the story doesn’t grab me by the first page, I’m not interested – and that’s seriously whether I’m writing or reading a book. I’ve discarded many ideas because they didn’t grab me right away.
If you had to live in one of your books, which one would it be?
I would have to go with Barely Alive – the zombie series. Paul is just so dang cute and fun and the science is crazy. And I’m really done TALKING about the zombie apocalypse. Let’s have it and be done with it already, so we can go back to planning our next big adventure.
Your tagline is "It's all about survival." Tell us more about that.
Oh, Andrea! That tagline was a long time coming. I didn’t realize it until a good friend pointed it out to me one night. Then I took a hard honest look at myself and realized that everything I did and wrote and read centered around survival – whether it was physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, romantic, it doesn’t matter, I’m always concerned with surviving. Making it through another second, minute, day, month, etc. For me? It’s all about survival.
You're mother to six kids. How do you balance all of them and your writing?
I just giggled. I don’t. I think I’m going insane. But that’s between us. No, seriously, I don’t entertain my writing until they’re in bed at night. I run a tight ship and bed time for all little people is 745 pm. I don’t care if they read or whatever in bed, but that’s when they go down. I then talk with the hubs for a little bit, sit down and do a little bit of marketing and correspondence, formatting, or whatever else needs done. Then I check in with my writing partner and we writing from about 830 to 11 pm. She goes longer, but I have very young kids who get up at 6 am no matter what. So that makes it my wakeup time, too.
Do you have a writing routine?
Yes, I’m very disciplined. I map out exactly what I want to get done and have strict deadlines. If I don’t, I find that I just don’t do much… besides Facebook and Pinterest to death.
You're also a prolific reader and like to promote fellow indie authors. In addition to your own books, what/who else should we be reading?
Oh! This is a great question!

I’m going to suggest a couple based on genres right now. (I usually read clean (fade-to-black sex and minimal language like mine so that’s what I suggest. But remember, I don’t let up on the gore myself, so I tend to read that.)
Magic/paranormal – M.R. Polish 
Horror/time Travel – Jill Cooper 
I’m looking for a contemporary author to knock my socks off. I’d love some suggestions in the comments! Thanks so much!
What is something readers may be surprised to know about you?
People are always surprised to learn that I’m LDS (Mormon). Makes me laugh nervously… hehehe.
Is there anything else you would like to add?
I’m so grateful that you had me today. Thank you, thank you! Your questions were so much fun and well thought out. Again, thank you for having me!
Thank you for writing and for your time today!

Riding Redemption

Desperate to find her place in the world, Sara Beth dreams of applying for the Miss Wrangler Montana competition that tours with the rodeo circuit.

Riding horses has become her anchor until a near fatal accident takes more from her than she’d ever willingly sacrifice.

Determined to prove his business training, Johnny seeks out the Rourke family to call in an old favor. When he embroils himself in Sara Beth’s life, he has to prove they’re nothing more than friends. 

Seeking independence, both Sara Beth and Johnny lean on each other more and more, until love threatens their friendship. Will they seek out each other or be confused by their dreams?

Can either of them leave their past and embrace their future?

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BonnieBonnie R. Paulson mixes her science and medical background with reality and possibilities to make even myths seem likely and give every romance the genetic strength to survive. Bonnie has discovered a dark and twisty turn in her writing that she hopes you enjoy as much as she has enjoyed uncovering it. Dirt biking with her family in the Northwest keeps her sane.

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