Monday, March 14, 2016

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Through the Curtain

Forbidden love - Muslim girl and Christian boy

Through the Curtain is a timely, riveting saga of how a young Muslim woman, dressed in her traditional niqab, progresses through her innocent life, from a wide-eyed child, to ultimately become a ruthless woman driven from within by her own inner demons to create mayhem and acts of horror, compelled by her own agenda. She is a Muslim woman who savors the blood of power and ultimately adjusts her own value system to suit each terrifying moment of her life.

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About Mary Stone

Mary Stone was born in a small town in Pennsylvania. She got her bachelor's degree in New York and her master degree in Fine Arts in Paris. She was always passionate about writing. She published several books like Scent of Rain, Paper Heart, Believe in Love, Love Sweat and Gears Trilogy. She mostly writes about smart, sexy women and handsome alpha males who love them. She also likes to paint nature, landscapes, and portraits.

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