Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Singularity Is Coming...! The Artificial Intelligence Explosion by Tony Thorne

English writer, 89 years young, Tony Thorne MBE has signed a contract with the Information Technology (IT Books) Devision of the Chinese Ministry of Information for eBook andpaperback versions of his latest title, THE SINGULARITY IS COMING- The Artificial Intelligence explosion.

Artificial (General) Intelligence, or AGI will be with us soon and will change our way of life dramatically, following on from the Smart Devices we use today.

Even more amazing developments are on the way, leading to robotic machines as intelligent as we are, and thus able to do any jobs that humans can do, but faster, better and for longer.

Many experts believe they will also have awareness, plus the ability to replicate themselves and further develop their “learning” software leading inevitably to the Singularity, machines with ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) far superior in intelligence to us. Will we be ready for such a devastating event? Will it be a real threat to humanity as some block-buster movies predict, and several international experts are warning? Others claim it will benefit us in ways we can hardly imagine, like a healthy age of leisure with everything free.

This easy to read book for general readers, explains what is about to happen and why.

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Tony Thorne MBE


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