Sunday, January 5, 2020

Review of Murder at the Beach (Ridgeway Rescue Mysteries #7) by P. Creeden

Murder at the Beach

Emma and Molly are on their way to a private island and private beach with Macy, her father, and Colby! Little did they know that it was the perfect location to watch the upcoming lunar eclipse. Two social media influencers are on the island, working to get a better viewing of their video posting when one of them turns up dead. Without even entering the scene of the crime, will Emma be able to solve the case before the perpetrator gets away with murder?

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**My thoughts**
Now Emma is on a trip to the beach with her dad and his new bride. Plus Colby is tagging along. I am starting to suspect that her dad is subconsciously doing a setup of sorts.

On this trip, the encounter a couple of social media influencers who are looking forward to a friendly competition over capturing that night's eclipse. And of course, one of them ends up dead.

This one actually had a more surprising murderer and motive that I would not have otherwise gotten.

And if Emma and Colby are not a couple by the end of this series ... lol

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