Sunday, July 11, 2021

Review of The Anti-Cinderella Takes London (Anti-Cinderella Chronicles) by Tawdra Kandle

Falling in love with a prince wasn't something I planned . . .

When I reconnected with the first guy I ever kissed, I never dreamed I'd end up moving to England to be closer to him. But Nicky and I are in love, and living together was the next logical step.

If I thought dating royalty was a tough gig when I was living in the USA, I'm learning that it's even more challenging now that I'm in London. Every move I make, every word I say, is under the microscope. Becoming part of Nicky's family while staying true to who I am isn't easy.

Nicky makes everything worthwhile. The hours when we're alone together are paradise. And if the press and the pressure are the price I have to pay for him . . . I'll choose Nicky, every single time.

After all, London's just another town. Right?

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**My thoughts**

It’s the obligatory next chapter in the love story of American-born Kyra and her beloved British prince Nicholas. Kyra’s family business has opened up a London office so that she can fulfill her duty to her own family, while also making sure that she is ready to take on the duties of being Nicky’s other half. She’s still learning to navigate the rules of being his girlfriend. And then after the super romantic proposal, she has a new set of rules to master as an impending member of the Royal Family.

As Americans, we are definitely more stubborn and like to have things our way. But some of us, like Kyra, understand that sometimes there have to be some compromises. And when you are as smart as she is, you figure out how to make those compromises without losing who you are inside.

Kyra is not on an easy road in this one. She is definitely living her best life and is literally marrying the prince of her dreams. She is going to stumble. But she is also going to grow and emerge as a stronger, more true version of herself.

This installment definitely made me weepy, so be sure to have some tissues on hand.

I felt like this story could have ended well enough where it did. The epilogue clues us into what will happen in the next installment. And of course, I will read it. And I will acknowledge that even though I thought we had a good ending, I do enjoy revisiting characters again. So we shall see how it all goes.

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