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Meet Allie Boniface, author of 'Beacon of Love'

Allie Boniface is the author of 'Beacon of Love.' Get to know her and her book a little better in this interview.

What was the inspiration behind this book?
My husband and I visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina each summer, and one year after we had climbed to the top of the local lighthouse in Corolla, I found myself wondering, How many of these places are haunted? What if a news reporter came to a town to investigate a ghost story and ended up being personally connected to the story? That was the beginning of Beacon of Love.
Which character spoke to you the most during the writing process?
I think I connected most to the hero, Lucas, only because he was the one who grew the most for me as I wrote. When I began Beacon of Love, he was the local handyman-slash-cameraman-fill-in who was going to be the main love interest. But when I started examining Lucas's inner ghosts, and giving him a back story that was grounded in the loss of his best friend, he suddenly became this very complex, interesting guy. I loved writing his story!
Which scene is your favorite?
Well, it's a toss-up. I love the scene where Sophie and Lucas spend the night together for the first time, because there's all this tension leading up to it, and it's like FINALLY! Sigh. But strangely enough, I also love the Black Moment between these two as well. It was an emotional scene for me to write, to have two characters really look inside themselves and realize that love might not be enough to keep them together (don't worry! this is a romance, so it does have a Happy Ever After).
What are some of your favorite local legends?
I love ghost stories in general. Whenever my husband and I travel, if there's a good local haunted house or graveyard tour, I want to do it! In my mind, there's so much possibility for what happens after we die, from exploring what heaven means to wondering if souls really leave the place they love to believing that spirits and memories are stronger than flesh and blood....though I don't write paranormal, it does fascinate me!
What is your idea of the ultimate romantic getaway?
Anyplace where my husband and I don't have to worry about work or finances, can get massages and fruity drinks by the ocean, take in great scenery, and relax! That's not too much to ask, is it?
On what fictional characters do you have a crush?
If by fictional we can include television characters, my latest crush is Deacon Claybourne from the TV show Nashville (played by Charles 'Chip' Esten, who's yummy in his own right). I love-love-love his character's on-again, off-again love affair with Connie Britton's country music star heroine, Rayna James. And the man can play a guitar and sing. And wear stubble incredibly well. Yum!
Do you have any other projects in the works?
I'm currently working on the sequel to Beacon of Love, another contemporary romance set in Lindsey Point. This one's called Inferno of Love, and it's bartender Finn's story of the love that got away twelve years earlier – and what happens when she shows up in his life again!
Anything else you wish to add?
Thank you so much for having me here today! I love talking about books and stories in general, and I hope readers will take the time to pick up Beacon of Love and give it a read!
Thank you so much for your time!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Allie Boniface is a small-town girl at heart who's traveled around the world and still finds that the magic and the mystery of small towns make them the best places to fall in love and find adventure. From the New England coast to Rocky Mountain hotels to tiny European bars, she's found more character and plot inspirations than she could ever count. Currently, she's lucky enough to live in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley with her own "Hometown Hero," a guy who can fix, build, drive, and grill anything and is the epitome of the strong and silent type.

When she isn't writing love stories, Allie is a full-time high school English teacher who gets a kick out of helping her teenagers negotiate the ups and downs of writing along with the ups and downs of life (because, really, she's still trying to do the same thing!). And while she'll continue to travel far and wide, Allie knows there's really nothing like coming back to the place where the people who have known you forever welcome you home with open arms.


Twitter: AllieBoniface1

Beacon of Love
by Allie Boniface



Welcome to Lindsey Point, Connecticut: suspicious of outsiders, loyal to tradition, and absolutely devoted to its local legends.

Enter Sophie Smithwaite, feisty travel show host, in town to film an episode about Lindsey Point’s haunted lighthouse. But digging into the story of a tragic murder-suicide and love gone wrong reveals startling connections to Sophie’s own past. When a gorgeous local handyman fills in behind the camera, Sophie’s life gets complicated by more than just her family history.

Part-time paramedic, handyman, seasonal Santa-Lucas Oakes does it all–except get attached. He’s still reeling from the death of his best friend ten years ago and the more recent infidelity of his ex-fiancee. Yet despite Sophie’s big-city nosiness and her insistence on chasing long-dead ghosts, he’s drawn to her.

But mixing with an outsider means questioning people and traditions Lucas has always defended. When a series of attacks seem to be connected to Sophie’s investigation, both Sophie and Lucas must decide if they are willing to risk everything to uncover the town’s secrets…and their own.

Read an excerpt:
“Wise ass.” Sophie backed into the street before he could grab her. “I’ll see you later!” she called. “I think Lon said something about meeting tomorrow morning and--hey!” She squawked off the last word as Lucas lifted her off the ground and onto his shoulder.

As if she was a bag of flour.

Or a damsel in distress.

Or his damn cavewoman.

About a hundred thoughts raced through her mind, and it took all she had to keep them from coming out in biting words.

“Why do you have to be so stubborn?” he asked as he carried her back to his truck, parked in front of the bar. He wasn’t panting, not out of breath in the least, as if she weighed close to nothing. “If anything happened to you, Lon would kill me.” With one hand he opened the passenger side door. Only then did he lower her to a seat inside the truck. His hands slid down her arms and settled her hips into place.

Oh yum. All her scathing thoughts of thirty seconds earlier vanished. She shifted on the leather. There was room for him on this side of the cab, she was almost positive. If not, she’d make room. In about two seconds.

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