Monday, December 9, 2013

Author Christine Amsden interviews Evan Blackwood from the Cassie Scot series

I'm pleased to reintroduce you to Evan Blackwood, a powerful sorcerer from Eagle Rock, MO who has once again agreed to a short interview. He spoke with me when my first Cassie Scot novel came out in May 2013. Now he's back, although he has once again made it clear that he will not answer any direct questions about magic.

Christine: Thank you so much for being here again.

Evan: I wish I could say I was happy to be here. You nearly killed Cassie and now, thanks to you, I think she's afraid of me.

Christine: Sorry about that. For those who haven't read Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective, can you tell us why you think so?

Evan: I saved her life. She owes me big time. That makes it impossible for her to deny anything I demand of her and difficult for her to deny me anything she knows I want, even if I don't order it.

Christine: Can't you just let her go?

Evan: Technically, yes.

Christine: So what's the problem?

Evan: I don't want to.

Christine: Hmmm.

Evan: Don't turn this around on me.

Christine: I wouldn't dream of it. So, what are your plans for Cassie?

Evan: I don't know. I've been in love with her for a long time. I thought she felt the same way.

Christine: Her parents did just hurt her. Maybe it's not the right time.

Evan: I hope so. I'm giving her as much space as I can, but other men are showing interest. One of them is a mind mage.

Christine: So I hear you've recently finished an apprenticeship. What do you plan to do now?

Evan: There's a magical unification movement taking place right now to bring order to the magical world. Terrible things happen all the time – people drained of their magic then sold, blood magic, and cursed objects, just to name a few – I want to be a part of stopping it.

Christine: That sounds heroic.

Evan: Maybe. At the moment I'm a bit more focused on Cassie though. Speaking of which, you weren't planning to try to kill her again, were you?

Christine: Spoilers.

Evan: I don't want her hurt.

Christine: Unfortunately, you're more likely to hurt her than I am.

Evan: What does that mean? And don't say “spoilers.”

Christine: All right, all right. Ask your grandmother. She's a seer.

Evan: I did. She's not saying much.

Christine: Grace Blair might.

Evan: Like I'd trust anything she said. She wants Cassie for her grandson.

Christine: In that case, you'll just have to wait and see. And since I've clearly lost control of this interview, that's going to have to be it. Usually, the interviewer asks the questions.

Evan: Wait! Is everything going to work out?

Christine: It's been nice chatting with you again.

Evan: I'm not done yet. I've still got lots of questions.

Christine: How about another little talk when Mind Games come out?

Evan: Maybe. Do you think I'll still be speaking to you at the end of Secrets and Lies?

Christine: That's all the time we have today. Thanks so much for being here.

Find out more about Christine Amsden and her Cassie Scot series here!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with your fans. I'll check back in just in case anyone has a question for me (or Evan :) ).

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  3. Great interview!
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