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Review of The Heartbreak Cowboy by Mina Beckett

Welcome to the book tour for The Heartbreak Cowboy, hosted by Promotional Book Tours! I shared an author interview over on my other site Candrel's Crafts, Cooks, and Characters, and today I have a review of the book for you. Enjoy my thoughts and be sure to grab your own copy! Follow the tour below to read the interview, more reviews, and other fun posts. And there's a great giveaway that you'll want to check out.

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*Old flames burn hotter the second time around...*

It’s been four long years since McCrea Coldiron watched Eleanor Mackenna walk out of his life. He wasn’t ready for the marriage noose then and never thought he would be. Single, free to do as he pleases, and running the Promise Point Horse Rescue Ranch are the things that make him sure he was right to let Eleanor go… This is until she comes back to town with a daughter he never knew about in tow.

Eleanor knows just how badly McCrea can burn a woman and how persuasive he can be when he wants something, so she’s more than cautious about his charming words and cocky grin when she comes home to arrange the sale of her grandparents’ ranch. But when a flat tire in a thunderstorm introduces four-year-old Sophie to her daddy, Eleanor knows McCrea’s love for his daughter is genuine. Can she trust it will be the same for her? As the icy walls around her heart begin to melt, Eleanor must find the courage to trust her heart or run away from the man who has always owned it.

Being shown what he lost is a wake-up call for McCrea and he isn’t about to let Eleanor or Sophie walk away. It’s time to prove he’s a man who believes in love and happy-ever-after.

**My thoughts**
From the get-go, I could tell that Eleanor and McCrea had complete miscommunication between the two of them and deserved to have time to talk things through and to try to work things out. It's clear that the two of them still have a strong attraction to each other. And I rooted for them to figure it out the whole way. Mina does a good job of illustrating the extremes of feelings that go on in someone's mind when they are torn between hatred for the other person for betrayal and yet are still strongly attracted to someone, especially to who you used to be together. Jumbled up emotions take over and you feel almost crazy as you experience the various extremes.

While I am rooting for them to work it out, I am also cautioning them to take it easy. There is a lot of anger that felt like it disappeared too conveniently for me, and their daughter Sophie did play a huge role in that. And while we find out why McCrea didn't know that he had a daughter, I will say that I find it so hard to believe that so many people in a relatively small town had no idea that Eleanor had a child, even though she had moved away. She still had family there, still snuck to town for visits, and really didn't live dreadfully far away. Plus the two families go back for generations. There are a lot of buried family secrets, though, that are slowly revealed to provide some insight.

Beyond that, I did enjoy the descriptions of the ranches and the ranching lifestyle. While I never would make it living in such an environment, there is something so romantic about the idea of a ranch (in spite of the extreme hard work it takes to run one). I've been reading a lot of romances lately about being on a ranch. I love the horse rescue idea and how McCrea is trying to really do good in his life, as well as trying to show the love of his life how he can be her perfect cowboy.

About Mina Beckett

Mina and her husband live on a small farm in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of southern Kentucky. She's an artist, an avid reader, a dog lover, and a miniature horses enthusiast. Life in her corner of the world consists of long winter nights curled up by the fire, cheering on her favorite football teams in the fall, enduring March Madness in the spring and walking barefoot through her garden with a cold jar of tea in the summer fireflies at sunset accompanied by a serenade of crickets and frogs, and lazy nights in the porch swing.

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