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Review of Raspberry Chocolate Murder by Leena Clover

Welcome to the blurb blitz tour for Raspberry Chocolate Murder, the first book in a new series by Leena Clover, author of the Pelican Cove series. I'm a sucker for cozy mysteries, so I made sure I snatched up a copy to read and review. See what I had to say and read an excerpt, and then catch the comments of others as you follow the tour. Be sure to leave the author comments and questions along the way! And of course there is a great giveaway at the end.

Raspberry Chocolate Murder

Brand new cozy mystery series from the creator of Pelican Cove

**Enraged Baseball Star Murders College Sweetheart**

The past two years have been tough for Anna Butler. Widowed at fifty five and diagnosed with a dreaded illness soon after, she is struggling to keep it all together. Then the license for her dream caf├ę is rejected. Anna feels she can’t get a break.

Cassie Butler dropped a glitzy Hollywood life and came home to nurse her mother. Penniless after being duped by her crooked manager, she isn’t striving too hard to rebuild her flagging career. Living with her estranged mother after twenty years is proving to be a challenge.

When a young college girl is found dead in the woods, her boyfriend becomes the top suspect.

Anna agrees to go sleuthing to help her friend’s son, a bright young kid she has watched grow up. As Anna uncovers one clue after another, her faith in the boy begins to waver. Is he really as innocent as he claims to be?

Raspberry Chocolate Murder is the first juicy mystery in a brand new cozy mystery series from international Amazon bestselling author Leena Clover. Set in the small seaside town of Dolphin Bay on the California coast, this is a fast pageturner with plenty of twists and turns and luscious food.

If you love strong heroines, small town life, friendships that endure and yummy food that makes your mouth water, you will love Dolphin Bay.

Read an excerpt:
Lara Crawford’s mouth was set in a sneer. Her crooked nose did nothing to soften her appearance. Nor did her power suit or the strand of expensive pearls she wore around her neck.

“Is it my lucky day?” she crooned. “Dolphin Bay’s famous husband killer is here to see me.”

“Stop that nonsense,” Julie snapped. She turned to Anna and tipped her head. “Go on, Anna.”

Anna placed the letter she had received before Lara.

“Why was my application rejected?”

Lara rolled her eyes.

“Vendor licensing is not in my purview.”

“This is your signature, Lara,” Anna pointed out. “Do you deny that?”

“I sign dozens of documents in a day,” Lara drawled. “But I am not always the decision maker.”

“You know what Anna has been through, Lara,” Mary said softly. “Have a heart.”

“You mean how she’s roaming scot free after killing her husband?” Lara asked with relish. “I wouldn’t know.”

“You are crossing the line, Lara,” Julie warned. She took Anna’s hand in hers and gave it a squeeze. “The police could never establish what happened to John.”

“But I know,” Lara pounced, flinging a finger at Anna. “She killed him in cold blood.”

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**My thoughts**
I am always a sucker for a cozy mystery that throws in a little bit of baking. So when this came up as available for review, I knew I had to check it out.

It's the first book in a new series by an author who is unfamiliar to me. I noted that she has been a prolific cozy mystery writer for some time, which did surprise me a little bit. I felt more like I was reading a first attempt at a cozy mystery series. There are a ton of storylines going on all at once and a lot of characters whose role I couldn't quite figure out in this book. I am guessing that all of this is laying the foundation for the rest of the series, which does have some potential.

I like Anna a lot. She has been through the wringer and still she persists. I am not as much of a fan of her daughter Cassie, though perhaps being home will get her to mature and mellow a bit. The story alternates between the two of them. I think I would have preferred the story stuck to Anna's point of view, but I know the dual stories work for some people. And I need to remember to not read a police procedural just before a cozy mystery, because the sleuthing techniques are totally different! Anna and Cassie and Anna's friends do manage to dig up all of the necessary clues to solve the case, and it's a person I didn't see coming.

This was a very quick read, which was fun for killing a couple hours in the evening. Like I said, I can feel the potential in this series and recognize a foundation was being laid. The epilogue hints at the next story with an abrupt twist. (But fear not, cliffhanger haters! This story is neatly resolved by its end.) I have purchased it so that I can check it out and see where all of this goes. The price is right! And I'm not opposed to checking out some of her other titles.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About Leena Clover

Leena Clover is the international bestselling author of the popular Pelican Cove cozy mystery series.

An avid reader herself, Leena grew up reading mystery books. Some of her favorite authors are Agatha Christie and M C Beaton. Now she is trying her hand at writing whodunnits, making them as nail biting as possible while keeping them cozy.

Her love for food is evident in all her books. Readers can find yummy treats in the pages of her books, along with friends that last a lifetime.

Connect with Leena at her website or write to her. She looks forward to hearing from you.

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