Sunday, October 18, 2020

Read an excerpt from Her Billionaire Best Friend (The Black Tie Billionaires) by Jo Grafford


It’s not easy for an undercover agent to be just friends with the woman he’d much rather be dating.

Titus Rand is sent to Anchorage by a top-secret organization to investigate Genesis & Sons. He goes undercover as the head of his own security firm to serve as a bodyguard — which makes his path cross again and again with Jolene Shore, a lovely nurse on their payroll. Unfortunately, his line of work leaves no time for dating.

His plan to keep his emotional distance from her falls apart when he's asked to guard the newest ward of the Maddox clan, a long-lost brother who requires constant medical attention. Though he knows it’s best to keep his relationship with Nurse Jolene firmly in the friend category, it’s getting harder each day to ignore what his heart wants.

Read an excerpt:

In exactly seven minutes and thirty-two seconds, I’m going to be on a lunch date with the hottest nurse on the planet! 
Titus Rand glanced at his watch, hardly believing his luck. After months of dodging a powerful attraction to the tall, athletic-looking ICU nurse supervisor, he’d finally given in to the temptation to ask her to lunch. And she’d said yes! 
Getting close to her wasn’t advisable on any level. Every instinct of his was waving a red flag of caution. But for once, he planned to ignore his better judgment. In his line of business, he’d learned that sometimes a person only had a narrow window of opportunity to accomplish a particular goal. Usually, those narrow windows involved bringing dangerous criminals to justice. 
Today, that narrow window involved letting his guard down a fraction to allow himself the luxury of a single lunch date. He was pretty sure the attraction was mutual. Or so he hoped. And daydreamed about. And at other times prayed it was nothing more than wishful thinking on his part, because he’d rather take a bullet than hurt Jolene. 
Which he inevitably would do if he allowed her to get too close to him — something he was choosing not to think about at the moment.

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Jo is an Amazon bestselling author of sweet and inspirational romance stories with humor, heart, and happily-ever-afters.

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