Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Review of Thanks for the Love (Thankful Series) by Melissa Baldwin


When your life crumbles around you, it's hard to find something to be thankful for. Nevertheless, Gabby Marshall is determined to start anew in sunny Miami. New city, new job, and two new interesting roommates bring lots of new opportunities for a fresh start. As well as some challenges and surprises. Gabby's putting her heart and soul into her new career, without the distraction of love getting in the way. Yet she keeps crossing paths with the gorgeous and welcoming Theo Jorgenson. Maybe Gabby could make one little exception and allow Theo in … except her new roommate and Theo are sworn enemies. Life in Miami could be promising … or it could fall apart. Again. Fans of the Golden Girls will love this modern, romantic comedy twist!

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**My thoughts**
I originally read this as part of the Love in the City anthology by a bunch of favorite rom-com authors and then got it again on its own.

Gabby's life in Orlando is turned upside-down when she's planning her dream wedding, only to find out that her best friend and fiance have been having an affair for the past year. [And I feel like I could write a book of thoughts on that kind of betrayal, but I'll restrain myself.] She uses family connections to land a new job as a real estate agent in Miami. One of her new coworkers needs a roommate, so things are starting to fall into place nicely.

I admire Gabby for being able to pick up and move to a new city. I know from personal experience that it is not easy. And in spite of her troubles, she has given herself a clear idea of what she wants to focus on, namely her career to start, and no men.

But best-laid plans and all ... Gabby is one of those awkwardly accident-prone girls who gets herself into strange predicaments. She is my soul sister. But falling out of a hammock introduces her to her gorgeous neighbor, Theo, and makes her forget her one goal.

And I can't blame her. He is gorgeous, a good cook, intuitive, and genuinely kind. Sure, he and Gabby's roommate Lila don't like each other at all, but they have their reasons, and he gives off no sinister vibes.

They always say that you find your true love when you're not looking. And it feels like this could be the case here. But we have to wait for the next installment in the series to find out. Their story ends a little abruptly for me, though on a good note and not a cliffhanger. That's the one thing that I don't like about these anthologies at times. Just as I'm really getting into a story, it has to end. BUT my appetite is whet for the next installment. You know there is more to come with Gabby and Theo. Lila is still pining for her ex, Cal, who is Theo's best friend. And their other roomie Reagan has the hots for a local chef, Dante, whom she knew in college. The stage is set for a fun upcoming series and I'm looking forward to reading it.

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