Monday, June 21, 2021

Review of Christmas Sisters (Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge) by Various Authors

Random circumstances brought them together. Love made them family.

When a terrible accident takes Madeline Kirby’s husband and only child, the school guidance counselor is sure she can’t go on. Left behind with nothing but her work and an empty heart, she vows to survive Christmas by reaching out to comfort someone else who knows similar pain.

Fostering four motherless children for the holidays is supposed to be temporary, but as Maddie tends to defensive Stevie, distrustful Jo, delicate Alissa, and frightened little Hailey, the ache in her own heart slowly becomes bearable. And before the season of giving comes to an end, it becomes clear that life intended for them to find each other.

Enjoy these soul sisters’ first Christmas together in Christmas Sisters, a free prologue novella - then catch up with each of them individually, fifteen years later.

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Book 1: Christmas Sisters – perma-FREE prologue book
Book 2: Christmas Kisses by Judith Keim
Book 3: Christmas Wishes by Tammy L. Grace
Book 4: Christmas Hope by Violet Howe
Book 5: Christmas Dreams by Ev Bishop
Book 6: Christmas Rings by Tess Thompson

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**My thoughts**
This collection is basically a prequel to the Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge series, written by a powerhouse of sweet romance authors. I was drawn to it as a fan of both Tess Thompson and Violet Howe, whose characters’ stories come later in the series.

Madeline Kirby has been devastated since a car accident ripped her husband and daughter away from her. In her role as a school counselor, she is able to still care for other children, though it does quite fill the void in her heart.

Then one of her girls needs an emergency foster care placement. Maddie steps up. Next thing she knows, she has four young girls joining her household, becoming a Christmas gift that none of them could have expected. And of course, she wants the girls to become a permanent part of her family.

Each one’s story is shared by her respective author, who will also pen her full book later in the series.

I admit that I am not well-versed in how the foster care system really works. I had a hard time believing that four girls could be so rapidly placed with Maddie. But once I let that go, I was able to immerse myself in the stories of these five formerly lost souls finally finding their forever family. It’s definitely the kind of heartwarming story that you want to read during the Christmas season. I look forward to reading each installment.

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