Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'Holistic Medicine for Women's Health' by Sauciron


Finally, There's a book devoted to women's health issues. And to make matters even better, it promotes a holistic approach to healing and prevention, eliminating the need for drugs and their pesky side effects. 

This book reveals a multitude of startling facts that some of you may not be aware of. For example, there's a food additive that's in a lot of what we eat and drink, and it's doing serious harm to us and our children. Find out what it is and how it is adversely affecting our health.

Read an excerpt:
Tension Headache

Tension headaches are caused by muscle contractions in the temples or the back of the head. They are usually brought on by stress and could last four hours or even days. This type of headache feels like your head is being compressed from both sides making it almost impossible to sleep. Relief can be achieved by using a cold compress, by massage, or by using acupuncture.

Sinus headaches are the result of congestion or inflammation of the nasal cavity. Symptoms of this problem are a dull ache over the eyes causing irritability and the inability to sleep.

Stress and tension headaches are caused by, as you have probably guessed, stress and tension. But that is where the simplicity ends because each of us, as individuals, have different situations and conditions that cause us to become stressful and tense.

The following are some examples of the causes of stress and tension: Computer eyestrain, pinched nerves, too much caffeine, too much sugar or salt, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), PMS, artificial sweeteners, a need for a liver detox, candida, a need for a heavy metal detox, a need for a full body detox. You can find more details on detoxification in later chapters of this book. Those and numerous other situations could possibly cause a tension headache.

If you use over the counter drugstore headache drugs on a regular basis, you could be setting yourself up for rebound headaches. Acetaminophen, if combined with alcohol, can cause liver damage. So if you were to have a hangover, don't take Tylenol to get rid of the headache.

If you feel a headache coming on, immediately apply cold, slightly damp black tea bags to your eyes (closed) for 15 minutes or have a cup of black decaf coffee. Consuming Ginger, fresh or supplemental, can often stop a developing headache. Also an ice pack on the back of the neck at the base of the skull is often very effective. But most importantly, if you are not sure why you are getting your headaches, get tested for food allergies. There could be a very simple answer to the problem. It’s always easier to prevent a problem than to treat it.

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About the author:

Twenty years ago my mother had a series of mini-strokes. I took care of her at home because many years earlier she had asked me not to put her in a nursing home if it was at all possible. Her doctor explained her situation and it went something like this. "Your mother's strokes have caused permanent brain damage. Her brain cells are slowly dying and the cells adjacent to the damaged cells will eventually die also. I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do for her".

The mainstream medical community had given up on the person most dear to me. So I decided to conduct some extensive research into alternative measures like vitamins, herbs, and minerals. I was determined not to let my mother die without a fight. This is the person who took care of me when I was sick; she deserved the same from me.

I read multitudes of books, newsletters, and reports. I watched educational videos, attended homeopathic trade-shows, and interviewed anyone who would be willing to talk to me. All the time taking extensive notes and documenting my efforts. I fought an endless fight, but I lost my mother. I started too late in her illness.

After a period of mourning and occasional bouts of depression, I decided to take all that valuable information I had accumulated, continue my research, and use it to help others by writing educational books.

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