Tuesday, June 16, 2015

'This Is My Energy: A Mindfulness Guide to Time Management & Stress-Free Living' by Lisa Townsend

One of the great tragedies of our time is that we have the tools and technologies available to us to free up our time and open up our lives to learning, creating, relaxing, and building. And yet….we are so attached to being busy that we spend most of our time looking forward, looking backward, and missing those things that are right in front of us.

TIME stands for “This Is My Energy.”

When we look at time as the precious thing that it is, our energy, a measure of our Life Force, our entire take on how to manage it starts to shift.

It’s time to stop participating in the insane cycle of cramming every day to overflowing, working ourselves into the ground, and feeling stressed and exhausted all the time. Stepping away from that doesn’t mean that we’ll be shirking responsibilities, it means we’ll be focusing on what is truly important and spending our TIME (read Energy) there, were it can make the biggest impact.

There is more to life that being busy and until we stop, breathe, and get our feet firmly planted on the ground, we are not going to be able to see or experience the peace and deep satisfaction that comes from truly engaging in the things that are important to us.

In “This Is My Energy” Best Selling author Lisa Townsend will help change how you look at “time management” and encourage you to stop counting minutes and start making memories. By focusing in on those things that are the most important, you will learn how to be exactly as busy as you need to be to build the life you want.

You will learn to:
• Redefine time management; there’s a fundamental shift when you go from spending slivers of time on a clock, to investing blocks of your life force – this is where things get REAL
• Find your first things, so you can laser focus on what REALLY matters
• Make mindfulness-based decisions in the moment so you’re not creating a dreaded “Time Tornado”
• Let go of the things you don’t need to be doing; yes you CAN let go of some things, and I promise the world will not come to a screeching halt
• Create space in your life to focus on the big picture so you can stop living on autopilot; no one else will do this for you, only YOU can and I’m going to show you how
• Understand the difference between urgency and importance, so you can quit operating in crisis mode, kick the stress, and actually enjoy your life – even when you’re working
• Build a manageable schedule focused on the things that are most important to you so you can be at peace while you’re being productive.

If you are ready to stop stressing over all the demands on your time and trying to figure out how to pack more and more “To Dos,” into less and less time,

If you’re ready to focus on creating a life that is truly meaningful to YOU while meeting your obligations to yourself and others,

Click below to get your copy of “This Is My Energy: Your Mindfulness Guide to Time Management & Stress-Free Living” today…


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