Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Read an exclusive excerpt from 'Gate (The Knights of Av'lor Book 2)' by Sam Rook


by Sam Rook 



Kathryn returns to Av'lor after seven months on the Daemon home world, only to discover the Daemons have invaded Earth. With Av'lor on the brink of an uprising and an unknown enemy upon its doorstep, the knights divide their forces to safeguard both worlds.

Sir Lanclor, torn between his duty to Av'lor and his dedication to Kathryn, finds himself fighting a losing battle on Earth. He realizes the fate of both worlds rests in the unlikely alliance of technology and magic.

Overwhelmed by a new threat far beyond that of the Daemons, both Av'lor and Earth must face a devastating reality.

Read an exclusive excerpt:
Kathryn knew other Daemons and Zahkrinon would soon arrive to finish her off. She pulled the dagger from the creature’s eye and used it to try and pry open the massive jaws. Kathryn sobbed with pain and frustration as the jaws refused to move. Like a damn pit bull. A swarm of armored Daemons in the distance flew her way, and she pulled her thoughts together.

Sir Lanclor, I need your assistance.

Kate? Where the hell are you? he shouted in her mind.

Just north of the dying Daemons. "Lir’eth kanen’entilix enal’e’d’akarith falo’entili’ai vel’on." Her lightning spell ripped through the oncoming Daemons and they fell, smoking, to the ground. The smell of their charred flesh made her mouth water. She frowned in disgust at her reaction.

I see them. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right there.

Yeah, like she could disobey him if she wanted to. He approached around the same time the other two Zahkrinon noticed her predicament. Sir Lanclor landed at a run and dropped to her side, while a part of his squad created a perimeter around her.

"By the Goddess, Kate. How the hell did you get yourself into this?" He grabbed each side of the Zahkrinon’s mouth and tried to pull open its jaws without success. He waved over a handful of other knights, but even with their combined strength, the jaw wouldn’t budge.

The teeth remained in her side and the Zahkrinon continued their approach. "Lan, more are on their way…"

He looked over his shoulder for confirmation and glanced around to take in the scene. Kathryn felt the panic starting to break through his control. Because of Synthakla’s interference, the Link remained and if one of them died, then they both died. With her no longer present, perhaps Kathryn could sever the link.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Sam Rook lives in Vermont with her husband and two children. Her passion for fantasy novels began in high school with her desire to write following shortly thereafter. Software engineer by day, fantasy author by night, she strives to give her readers a chance to enjoy worlds that transport them away from the stress of everyday life.

Website:  http://www.samrook.com/

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7036341.Sam_Rook

Author Central page:  http://www.amazon.com/Sam-Rook/e/B00BPY857A/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

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  1. Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing in the shower)?

  2. Awesome cover! This sounds like a fascinating book! Thank you for the great post and contest!

  3. Mai, I tend to get a lot of my scene ideas in the shower, most likely because that’s the only place my kids will allow me time to myself. :) I write with music in the background, usually tailored to the type of scene.

    Thanks Betty and Rita!

    You're welcome!

    Good luck with the giveaway!

  4. I enjoyed the excerpt! Thanks for sharing, sounds like a really good book


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