Monday, June 8, 2015

'Silent Light, Silent Love' by Bobby Hutchinson


Betsy wants to be a photographer, but it’s 1898 on the Canadian prairies, and she’s deaf. Women don’t have careers, especially not deaf women.

James Macleod is a North West Mounted policeman with a dark secret . He’d like to marry and have a family, but he’s haunted by a tragedy in his past.

Can two unusual people find true love and happiness in spite of such obstacles?

Read SILENT LIGHT, SILENT LOVE and be transported.

Read an excerpt:
The prairie was filled with sound: buzzing grasshoppers, singing birds, grass whispering in the breeze. James was aware as never before how much sound there was in his world, and how much silence there must be in hers. But he also noticed as never before the visual beauty, the waving grasses, the birds, an antelope that moved with fluid grace out of their way, the vast blue canopy of sky above them. 
“Were ye always deaf, Betsy?” It was a very personal question, and he wondered if she’d take offense. 
She shook her head. “Annie says when I was baby, I could hear. Two years old, I have high fever, then deaf.” 
So no real memory of sound. He was thinking about that when she turned the tables.

Author Bio:

Bobby Hutchinson lives, breathes, reads and writes books. She lives in a coal-mining town in the Rocky Mountains of B.C., Canada, with two rabbits. Her favorite quote is, “When you change the way you look at a thing, the thing you look at changes.”

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