Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Blitzen the CEO (Holliday Islands Resorts Book 8) by Lisa Prysock

Blitzen the CEO

Nicholas Blitzen Holliday’s jet-setting lifestyle is disrupted when his billionaire father cuts off his trust fund and calls him home—along with his brothers—to beautiful Prince William Sound in the Gulf Coast of Alaska. Once home, he and his eight brothers are expected to help run the family resort business on a set of gorgeous islands located in magnificent glacier country, find wives, and settle down so their father can retire after spending a lifetime building the resort empire.

Beautiful Magdalena Johnson is recruited away from her small, but successful event planning business in Lexington, Kentucky to help Nick manage the Department of Marketing and Event Planning from Blitzen Island. She has no idea she’ll be reporting directly to Nicholas, the love of her life she adamantly left behind after a brief, whirlwind Paris romance from her final days as an exchange student for Queen’s University. She didn’t even know his last name or that they nicknamed him Blitzen, and certainly didn’t appreciate his “trust-fund baby” set of friends.

Can these two find their way through their differences in order to arrive at their happily ever after? Don’t miss this fun novella about the eighth brother of Holliday Islands Resort, a romantic comedy filled with plenty of chuckles, romance, faith, and the wonder of Christmas miracles. Get your copy today!

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Each of the novellas in this romantic comedy may easily be read as a stand-alone, but we know you won't want to miss a single one. The press has dubbed these nine trust-fund babies as "The Reindeer Brothers." Blitzen's talent is a little different than his brothers who each possess competitive talents, including a champion Olympic Gold medalist, an equestrian, an artist, and a survival expert. This brother excels at making pancakes. People tend to love Blitz for it, and his pancakes are wildly popular, like the fact he happens to be one of the heirs to a vast fortune.

Behind the scenes, unbeknownst to the brothers, their billionaire father, Gordan Holliday, has hired a matchmaker to help his nine sons find wives. What ensues is a delightful, inspirational, romantic and comical romp as the brothers scramble to save their trust-funds, yet find true love.

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