Thursday, April 15, 2021

Forging Monsters, Part 1 by Annie James


If you like monsters and thrillers, you need to check out this excerpt from Forging Monsters by Annie James. Be sure to follow the rest of the tour for even more! And best of luck entering the giveaway at the end.

A modern and beautiful Frankenstein's Monster fights for the right to carve her own destiny in the human world of New York City.

A talented young dancer tired of witnessing violent crimes against women go unpunished and takes matters into her own hands.

A young woman tries to escape her past in the anonymity of New York but finds out that she cannot escape the scars on her soul, which drives her to shocking acts of violence.

Watch for Forging Monsters Part 2, coming soon.

Read an excerpt:
“This body looks as if it has been chewed on--the edges of the throat lacerations are ragged and similar to a previous body that was brought in bearing the same type of teeth marks. A computer 3D model of the wounds on the second body, in front of me, determined the wounds to be made by the teeth of a large canine. However, The DNA test of the saliva left behind has been inconclusive.”

Dr. Violetta paused the tape recorder. “I have never seen anything like it,” she said to her assistant Andrew. “Take a look at the slide I have on the microscope. You’ll see.”

Andrew studied the cells on the microscope and wrote some notes in his typical scrawl that only he could read while Dr. Violetta started recording again.

“Cells separated from a human body die in moments. These cells scraped from the saliva on this body’s wounds have continued to divide and multiply, indicating that the cells are still living. Also, the DNA strands continually rearrange their structure without any outside influence. This is why it has proved impossible to conclusively determine which type of animal caused the damage to this body.” She stopped the recorder.

“This has to be kept out of the media,” she whispered, shaking her head in horrified disbelief.

"Where did this one come from?" Andrew asked, looking up from the microscope.

"He was found in Central Park."

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Annie is the author of the Tales of Origen series and several short stories. She lives in Kentucky with her husband and two fun-loving cats who inspired the feline characters Dirtbag and Scumbucket. She has an adult daughter who is also a writer, and a grandson. Her influences and favorite writers include:

Frank Peretti
Mary Wollencroft Shelley
Apryl Baker
Dean Koontz
Alexandre Dumas
Linda Joyce
Mary Ramsey
Lance Sheridan poetry

She has lived in New York and Louisiana and loves Cajun cooking. She has had several people tell her that she should open a restaurant, but she loves writing too much to make time for it—running a restaurant is a TON of work. She has an associate degree in Administrative Assistance, majoring in writing, and business administration.

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  1. Good morning! Thank you for hosting today. Here's some brief bios of a few of the characters who appear in Forging Monsters:

    Ze'Eva Constantini: main character. Niece of Mafia Fon Luigi Constantini.

    Jack Bradley: Former Marine and Zee's love interest. Jack owns a dojo where he teaches Aikido.

    Magen Westin: daughter of Zee's best friend Amber Westin. Magen is a downs syndrome child

    Emma: Luigi's housekeeper, and the woman who raised Zee from the time Zee was a teenager.

  2. Here's a trivia question; you'll have to read Forging Monsters to find the answer.

    During the second date, Zee remarks that Jack resembles an actor in the movie they are watching. What is the actor's name?

    During their first date, Jack promises Zee that he will tell her why he is so good at winning carnival games. Jack tells her the secret during their second date: what is it?

    Zee watches a movie while she is babysitting Amber's daughter, Magen. Name the movie quote which becomes Zee's life motto.

    I look forward to reading your answers!

  3. This looks like a book that many people would enjoy reading.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. This is certainly a ferocious cover.


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