Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Read an exclusive excerpt from Funny and Ironic: Amazing, Happy, and Feel Good Stories by Marco di Noia


We could all use a little levity and happiness right now, wouldn't you say? So embrace this excerpt from Funny and Ironic: Amazing, Happy and Feel Good Stories by Marco di Noia. You'll find even more as you follow the tour, but you can always download your own copy to further enjoy. Let the author know your thoughts along the way. Best of luck entering the giveaway!

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Read an exclusive excerpt:

The Super Horse

If there was a horse that could swim faster than he could run, then you could take him to the beach and ride him in the surf.

There was a big horse, who was shiny and black, with a jet-black mane. This horse loved to rescue people and wanted to join the lifeguards.

The lifeguards wanted this horse as a rescue horse. He could run on the sand yet could swim faster than he could run.

If you were swimming and saw a shark, the shark would never catch you, with the horse of course.

There was a shark, and of course, the horse was not scared for obvious reasons, and the horse ran on the sand and swam out to a boy and rescued him from the shark. He was a super horse. WHAT A HORSE!

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About the author:

Hi, my name's Marco! I live in Sydney, Australia. I began writing stories to relieve boredom. After I wrote a few stories, I realized that they made me laugh. I kept writing and my depression went away. I am happy with the way the stories make me laugh and I hope you enjoy them too.


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INSTAGRAM: @tigerhorse777

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