Monday, October 25, 2021

Review of The Last One (Love in a Small Town Book 1) by Tawdra Kandle

Come home to Love in a Small Town, stand-alone happily ever after romances with lots of heat and heart!

Welcome to Burton, Georgia, the farm community where the women are sassy, the men are sexy, and happily-ever-afters are a specialty of the house.

Meet Meghan and Sam . . .


When I signed up to spend my final summer of college teaching art to underserved kids, I wanted a chance to reinvent myself, to go somewhere new and different. I never thought I’d end up in a small town in Georgia, living on a farm . . . with a man who clearly wishes I were anywhere but there.

But here I am. And even if Sam Reynolds doesn’t like it, I can’t help my attraction to him. Maybe I don’t want to help it. His deep brown eyes and slow Southern-boy drawl just do something to me. Something real and deep and maybe a little scary.


I don’t need excitement, and I sure don’t want romance. Fun is out of the question for a guy like me. I’ve had to be the steady, responsible one since my parents died, and serious is my way of life.

When this fiery red-haired art student moves into my farm house, I won’t deny that I’m tempted by her. But giving into temptation could mean radical change . . . maybe more than I can handle. Meghan makes me want to believe in crazy things like forever and happy endings.

She’s the last thing I expected. I’m the last one she needs. And this is just a summer fling.

Isn’t it?

All of the Love in a Small Town romances can be read on their own. While characters pop up in each other's stories, you can begin reading at any book and feel right at home!

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**My thoughts**

The Last One is the first book in a series that is a spin-off from Tawdra’s Crystal Cove series, which I loved. It features Meghan, the daughter of our favorite heroine from The Posse, which kicked off that series.

She’s been going through a lot after the death of her father and then all of the other life changes while working toward the end of her college career. So when her roommate suggests a joyride to a small town called Burton to go out dancing, she jumps on it. She has a little too much fun and then the car breaks down while her roomie is driving them home. They get helped out by a hottie who is immediately physically drawn to Meg. But when they meet up again, their interaction is quite contentious. And then when Meg gets placed in Burton for a summer gig teaching art, guess who the host family is?

Sam and Meghan are constantly at odds with each other. You know what that means. The more passionate the arguments, the more passion there will be elsewhere. And man, do these two have it.

I’ll tell you right now that if you are not into open door love scenes, do not read this book. (Though you will be missing out on a great story.) These two have quite the physical attraction to each other.

But it does also go deeper than that and we have front row seats to it all.

I like Sam for his devotion to his family and his strong work ethic, both of which have served him well through some tumultuous years. Meghan is super feisty and aims to get what she wants. She is also super dedicated to her art and the children she teaches. It’s that kind of passion that they both have in life that has drawn them to each other.

We also meet other characters who will feature in later installments. I am particularly fond of Ali, Sam’s little sister.

I had originally read this back when the series was just a trilogy, but came back to it to catch up on the rest and prepare for the year-long novella series coming out this year. I really enjoy the town of Burton and its residents. I hope you will, too.

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