Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A conversation wtih T. Warwick, author of 'The Artificial Mirage'

Take a brief moment to learn more about 'The Artificial Mirage,' by author T. Warwick.

What was the inspiration for this book?
It evolved from my interest in augmented reality and where I see it heading. The juxtaposition of traditional societies with high technology is something that already exists, but I found it interesting to explore it in the near future when the divide is even greater. I’ve spent time living in all of the cities and countries in the book, so there’s a genuine attention to detail.
What kind of research did you have to do for it?
Obviously, the naughty kind.
What are some of the themes in the book?
The book is a glimpse into the near future of cultural and technological change. It takes place just as fossil fuels are becoming irrelevant and new energy sources are emerging. The economic development in Asia is at its zenith, but artificial intelligence is rendering many employees redundant. All of the characters are scrambling to remain relevant and survive. Amid all of these changes, augmented reality fills a void.

A relentless pursuit from Vietnam to Saudi Arabia in which augmented reality distorts the nature of attachment and desire.

In a world where augmented reality blurs the line between the real and the computer generated, Charlie cherishes the reality of Lauren....

His life as a young American banker in Vietnam seems idyllic until a series of events precipitate her disappearance.

When her trail leads to Saudi Arabia, he must navigate a criminal underworld. The stakes grow higher as it becomes apparent that reality isn’t what it once was.

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