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#BookReview 'Diary of a Single Wedding Planner' by Violet Howe

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00001]Wedding planner Tyler Warren left heartbreak behind when she ran away from her small Southern hometown and started a new life in a big city. Years later, she wants to believe in the fairy-tale endings her job promotes, but the clients she meets day after day seem to be more “Crazily Ever After” than “Happily Ever After.”

Meanwhile, her own attempts at romance play out as bizarre comedies rather than love stories, and she’s starting to think Prince Charming either fell off his horse or got eaten by a dragon. When unresolved issues from Tyler’s past complicate things even further, she discovers she may yet have some things to figure out before she can find her own happy ending.

This delightful first book in the Tales Behind the Veils series chronicles Tyler’s wacky misadventures, both personal and professional. Whether she’s getting insane requests from brides or outlandish requests on dates, you’re sure to be charmed and entertained by the Diary of a Single Wedding Planner.

**My thoughts**

Okay, how many of us have ever been Tyler? That unrequited first love that completely broke our hearts. That best friend who is probably perfect for us, but we just can't see the forest for the trees. Those feelings like you are never going to find your one true love. That inability to stand up for yourself all the time, because it is hard to say no and to see people hurting. That need to learn how to do your job well and how to "life" even better. I know it isn't just me. But I did see a lot of myself in Tyler. I am sure that many other women are going to agree. I just had to love her.

I also love Cabe. He is the perfect best friend, even if he was a fool and left her behind to get married. He reminds me a lot of people I have known, as does her ex-boyfriend Dwayne. I want to smack both of them, but I do also want to love on Cabe.

The dating game sucks. Tyler's experiences, especially her crazy dates, just further cement that. Sure, her experiences may be a bit on the extreme side, but I have heard tell of similar situations and may or may not have a few of my own. I am not going to elaborate, because I don't want readers to lose the funny factor when they read for themselves.

The other funny side is all of the weddings. I am sure that a lot of readers are going to think that these weddings are contrived and far-fetched. Growing up with people involved in a lot of weddings, I can promise you that any one of these wedding situations can and does happen. 

I also found Tyler's mom funny, yet cringe-worthy all at once. I think even if your mother isn't like that all of the time, you will recognize a lot of the conversations. 

The only thing that threw me off was her name. I am so used to associating "Tyler" with a guy that I would forget it was HER name. I would get confused for a moment and then remembered it was her.

So, yes, all in all, I found this book to be quite realistic. It kept me engrossed, as I kept putting off other adulting responsibilities to keep reading. I did actually LOL at some moments. I cringed and I cried. It is somewhat predictable, but I don't care. It doesn't exactly end on a cliffhanger, but there is such a hint of more to come, that I need to get my hands on the second book. 

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review.

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violetAbout the author:

Violet Howe enjoys writing romance with humor. She lives in Florida with her husband, who is her knight in shining armor, and their two handsome sons. They share their home with three adorable but spoiled dogs. When she’s not writing, Violet is usually watching movies, reading, or planning her next travel adventure. You can follow Violet’s ramblings on her blog, The Goddess Howe.
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