Saturday, October 19, 2019

Review of Deleted (Cliffside Bay #2) by Tess Thompson

Deleted (Cliffside Bay #2)

The truth can set you free, but is it powerful enough to repair broken hearts? Find out in this standalone second chance romance from USA Today bestseller Tess Thompson.

Though it’s taken more than a decade, Jackson Waller is finally ready to move on from the tragedy that has haunted his entire adult life. But everything he’s worked so hard to leave behind comes rushing back when his high school sweetheart, Maggie Keene, is spotted standing by her own grave twelve years after her death.

And Jackson’s first love is very much alive.

The lie that turned everyone’s world upside down will finally be set right, but will the connection Jackson and Maggie once shared be strong enough to erase the damage done by one of the most treacherous scandals to ever hit Cliffside Bay?

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**My thoughts**
Here we have the story of Jackson and Maggie. It is definitely possible to read this as a standalone, but I Think you would have a smidge more appreciation for the story if you started with Traded. (That and the whole series is just fantastic and you should read them all.)

Jackson has been a mess since the love of his life, Maggie, was tragically taken from him in a car accident when they were very young. 

Only it turns out that she didn't really die. It was an elaborate scheme concocted by her a-hole of a father. The early revelation that Maggie was in fact alive literally left me with my jaw dropped.

Maggie hasn't returned home because she believed no one cared and she wanted to stay away from her crazy and abusive father. And I can't blame her, though I did have a bit of a hard time believing that no one followed up or discovered the lie, especially in this day and age of social media, etc. And yet, as the story unfolded and things were explained, it did make more sense.

Neither one of them has ever forgotten the other one, nor was able to fully move on. It's beautiful how the stars align so perfectly to reunite them. It's a true second chance romance that will likely make their relationship even stronger than it would have been had Maggie's father not stepped in.

We are introduced to Lisa and Pepper, Maggie's best friends, who will make more major appearances later on in the series. And we are introduced to Hugh, who absolutely breaks my heart. He is featured more later, as well. As the circle of friends continues to expand, I like them all. 

The interactions between all of the characters make you really feel a part of the story. And when you reread these books (as I have done), you can again really see how well plotted they all are. 

This book also has that slight element of mystery that Tess has been including in her books for a while. It keeps the romance aspect a bit more spicy. I really enjoy this whole series.

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