Friday, September 11, 2020

The Fake Bride Rescue: A K9 Handler Romance (Disaster City Search & Rescue #7) by Jo Grafford


Firefighter Ransom Keller can’t stand the thought of attending his twenty-year high school reunion as a single guy. Folks tend to expect a little more action in the romance department from a former star linebacker and an ex party machine. But a decade in the Special Forces followed by career in fire rescue operations hasn’t left him much time to play Romeo. So he does the unthinkable — he hires an actress to pose as his bride for the weekend.

Serena Chandler is supposed to be working on her doctoral dissertation, not filling in for her bestie’s slightly scandalous rent-a-date service. However, her short-term “husband” seems like a perfect gentleman, so she relaxes and decides to enjoy their weekend trip together while keeping things strictly professional between them. He’s made it clear he’s a no strings attached kind of man, and that’s fine with her.

Their carefully negotiated agreement works right up to the point when a fire breaks out at his alma mater, and she becomes trapped in the gym. Watching the ripped and ready Ransom take charge in a daring rescue operation, however, makes all her best-laid plans go up in smoke. She finds herself scheming with her Mensa-level I.Q. for a way to turn their fake marriage into a real one.

If they survive the fire, of course!

Read an excerpt:
The guy staring back from the photo wore aviator sunglasses. His arms were crossed in a defiant gesture, and his mouth was twisted in a scowl. He certainly wasn’t going out of his way to look datable, which Serena found that appealing. 
“He looks ready to hurt someone,” she chuckled. 
Iris adopted a smug look. “His name is Ransom Keller. Ex Special Forces. And what he needs is a fake bride at his side during his twentieth high school reunion.” 
“A fake bride, huh? That’s a thing?” Serena asked dryly. 
“It’s really a thing,” her bestie returned cheerfully. “Remember all that playing pretend we did as children?” 
“Um, yeah, and I distinctly recall our husbands being imaginary.” 
“Well, it was excellent practice for this.”

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Jo is an Amazon bestselling author of sweet and inspirational romance stories with humor, heart, and happily-ever-afters.

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