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Education Aggravation: A Retired Teacher's View from the Trenches by Leslie K. Brooks


The coolest magic beans in the universe . . .Education. . . has taken a back seat in the United States.

Oh, this is long before the pandemic. The pandemic just opened a can of worms long struggling to get out.

Sure, everyone talks about education, complains about it a lot but who’s really at fault here? And who really cares? Parents and students should be grateful. All children in the United States can get an education for free, a luxury not offered in many countries, if they will work for it. “Ay, there’s the rub!” Work ethic, changing priorities, time and technology.

What is happening to our students? Today’s parents?
Can teachers and parents ignite curiosity and a love for learning?
Where does all this money thrown at education go? Where should it go?
Do schools prepare students for life?
How can we create more equity in education?
What is going on in our schools?!?

A retired teacher’s take on our failing education system from the inside. Honest and controversial, Education Aggravation examines the roles of the various actors and elements: students, teachers, parents, administration, politicians, money, media and technology.

Throwing money at a never-ending fix is not the answer. We need to look deeper, focusing on specifics and basics, on the cultural dynamics molding our students, needs of different groups of students, the types of students we are trying to teach, common ground, and using the tools at our disposal to help students navigate their individual success in an unknown future.

Read it today! Education Aggravation A Retired Teacher's View from the Trenches - A Call to Action!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Superbly intelligent, humorous and educational!

MUST-Read for all Dedicated Educators & Parents!

At the university level, we are seeing the results of many of the trends the author talks about that affect student attitudes and habits toward learning. I think a sentence in the last chapter about a Call to Action sums things up: "Instead of piling on more and more layers of ways to fix education from the outside, I urge you to explore the root causes of the challenges we are facing today from within." Parents, administrators, and politicians should read this book every year.

An insightful assessment of the myriad issues currently plaguing our American education system from a concerned, recently retired educator. Ms. Brooks clearly writes from the heart as she tries to bring to light the problems facing both teachers and students in the increasingly difficult process of encouraging the learning of ideas and values in our presently fragmented society.

The book promotes changing the mindset and motivation: Through the positive messaging and more individualized attention of parents, teachers and the media.
Puts a long-gone higher emphasis on respect and manners.
Places more emphasis on innate talents and unique interests of students.
Adding a real-life basic skill curriculum not only with reading and math but sewing, cooking, finances, growing food and crafts, robotics and more...
Raise student expectation and accountability.

Leslie Brooks began her ‘work’ journey at the ripe old age of 9 when she was cast as the narrator in “Paul Revere’s Ride” and got to read Longfellow’s poem. It was love at first ‘cite.’

Leslie continued her journey through high school, deciding if she wanted to write, using poetry as a way of self-expression, or act, or teach math. Getting a featured write up in NJ Music and Arts Magazine and a Best Actress Award, Leslie decided to enter the BFA theatre program at NYU and Circle in the Square, then continued at with Mason Gross School of the Arts to complete her undergraduate education.

For 20 years, she pursued acting on both coasts, appearing on the stage, in LA, in regional theatres, and off-Broadway, on television in Days of our Lives, Sex and the City, One Life to Live, Law and Order, and Falcon Crest to name a few, as well as making over 100 film appearances in movies such as Prizzi’s Honor, A Bronx Tale, Safe Men, Keeping the Faith, The Imposters, and The Pallbearer, among numerous others.

Leslie also gained plenty of experience in a plethora of side jobs, (yes, alas, it’s true) including teaching, and became a member of LAUSD, the Los Angeles teaching union. She is also a member of Actors’ Equity, and SAG-AFTRA, the acting industry unions.

In 2002, Leslie decided that she had more to offer than just acting, and it was time to grow. She went back to school, earning her MA in teaching and special education.

Leslie has taught Special Education in all subjects, grades 3-11, both resource and in-class support, and also taught Public Speaking to regular education students . She directed highly acclaimed musicals for 8 years, opening eyes and doors, kindling flames, and creating opportunities for students.

Her passion for teaching, her students, and transforming and transcending the self, led her to write this book, Education Aggravation. Leslie always has held a passion for writing. She plans to write some children books in the near future.

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