Wednesday, August 7, 2013

'Mademoiselle at Arms' (A Georgian Romance) by Elizabeth Bailey

Threatened with a pistol by the beautiful intruder, Major Alderley determines to rescue her from danger, but Mademoiselle is equally determined to play her game alone and utterly refuses to be rescued.

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About the author:

Elizabeth Bailey grew up in the open spaces and tropical atmosphere of colonial Africa, one of four siblings with distinctly unconventional parents. Reading and drama were inculcated from an early age and both have borne adult fruit in acting, directing and writing. Elizabeth returned to the England of Mary Quant and geometric hair, and ended a brief secretarial career by landing in drama school and thence treading the boards. In her thirties, Elizabeth discovered her true métier as a writer and fulfilled an early addiction to Georgette Heyer by launching into historical romance. It took the proverbial lengthy apprenticeship before Harlequin Mills & Boon accepted her first novel, but they have overall published 18 of her novels. Elizabeth’s writing recently swerved in a new direction with the publication of the first two in a Georgian historical crime series, THE GILDED SHROUD and THE DEATHLY PORTENT, published by Berkley Books (Penguin US). But since she still loves writing romance, Elizabeth is delighted with the opportunity to publish her work independently. You can find out about Elizabeth Bailey’s writing career and her books at and follow her on twitter @lizbwrites.

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