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Meet Anlyn Hansell, author of 'Night Stocker'

Andi's Book Reviews would like to extend a warm welcome to author Anlyn Hansell today.

What was the inspiration behind 'Night Stocker'?
My insatiable need for morning coffee is actually the catalyst for writing this book. I was about to head to bed when I realized that I didn’t have enough coffee, so I immediately drove over to Walmart at around 11:30 pm. Wandering through the deserted aisles, listening to laughter coming from an unknown aisle – it just conjured up thoughts of what goes on there at night when most of the masses are asleep.
Which character spoke to you the most during the writing process?
Definitely Meghan – I started writing this character as a cocky somewhat self-absorbed, strong female that actually enjoyed living in prison. She is quirky, fun and you don’t get to see her softer side until a quarter of the way through the book. Her interactions with Lance begin to humble her and by the end of the book I hope the reader is left with a full sense of her personality. I can honestly say that I have never read a character like her in any other book I’ve read, and believe me…I have read quite a few books in my lifetime.
Which scene is your favorite?
There are so many scenes in this book that I really enjoyed writing and re-reading. I liked the scene outside of the neighborhood bar when she’s trying to get her drunken PO to let her take him home. I also like Lance and Meghan’s scenes in the “Break Room of Doom”. Any interaction between the two main characters was a blast to write because I loved the chemistry between them.
This the first book in The Misadventures of Meghan Foster series. How many more books do you anticipate there being? When can we expect the next installment?
There are only two parts to this series. The next book is entitled “Dead End Girl, The Misadventures of Meghan Foster Part Two”, and it has also been published as an e-book on Amazon. I love this book probably more than Part One. I created a female character in Part Two who was so much fun to write. Part Two is completely different than Part One. Totally different setting, all new cast of characters except for the Meghan and Lance and some secondary characters.
Paranormal romantic comedy is a highly popular area and a saturated market right now. How do you make yourself stand out from all of the others
First and foremost, I tried to create a cover that would catch a potential reader’s eye. It’s not a particularly dark book, more quirky than anything and I was extremely excited when I sent off my crude drawing to my graphic artist. Of course, I’m taking a chance that readers may not realize that this is a romance novel. I just see so many covers with people kissing, shirtless dudes, couples entangled in the throes of passion – not for me. I hope that the cover intrigues someone enough to take a few seconds to open to the book description and take a look inside. Hopefully they read the first few chapters and get hooked!
Please tell us about your other published works.
I have four books in a series that are primarily Romance – but I did throw in a little mystery and comedy here and there. “The Trouble with Neighbors”, “Forget About Texas”, “Love, Business and Bad Ethics”, and “Crazy About Her”. I also wrote a mad-cap, romantic comedy, suspense, murder-mystery novel entitled “There Goes the Neighborhood” which people tell me is their favorite book I have written so far. That one is crazy.
On what else are you currently working?
I am writing a follow-up to “There Goes the Neighborhood” right now. I was so intrigued by a certain secondary character in that novel I just had to pen a story about him. This book is so extremely difficult to write. He is Scottish, half of this book is written as flashbacks, the main female character can’t truly be fleshed out until half of the book is over – for good reason. There’s a huge twist in the middle of the book and I’m almost to that point. It’s really hard to hold back and still keep the reader interested in the story. It’s a murder mystery, romantic suspense with a bit of humor – of course. (I can’t write a serious novel to save my life, I swear.) Next in queue? A zombie book. Yes, doesn’t every author write one of those at least once in their career? This book will be entitled “The Dead Zoo” and it is inspired by the Fairgrounds situated at the end of my block that sit abandoned all year until the last week in July. At night, I drive by that huge parcel of land enclosed in a fence topped with barbed wire and it conjures up all kinds of creepy thoughts in my brain.
What is your favorite genre to write?
Really, I like them all. I am jumping around right now between romance, paranormal, suspense. The most fun I have had while writing has definitely been during the Meghan Foster series so I may just stick with paranormal. We’ll see…
You like to get up to write at 3:30 a.m. How on earth do you do it? (This comes from a self-proclaimed night-owl, who is more likely to still be UP writing at 3:30 and never likely go set an alarm for that early.)
I haven’t set an alarm clock for the past three years. My eyes automatically pop open at 3:30 am no matter what time I go to bed, and I am ready to head out to the living room and tap away in the dark. My husband absolutely loves this (sarcasm, here…he hates when I wake him up when I get out of bed. I have perfected the art of turning my body into that of an invertebrate, slithering down the side of the bed and literally crawling around the side and out of the room so I don’t disturb him.) This of course, has caused him to believe he has married a nut. It is quite comical when he wakes up anyway and catches me crawling across the bedroom.
What is something readers may be surprised to learn about you?
Most people have absolutely no idea that I write. I don’t announce my books to my Facebook friends, I don’t talk about my books to my co-workers, my family knows and my sister has read a couple of my novels, but my husband has never read a word of my writing. I don’t know that I want them to read the twisted stuff I conjure up in my brain.

Another thing about me is that I have a very stressful job. The decisions I make on a daily basis can literally mean life or death to someone operating equipment that the company I work for produces. It’s very sobering. So much so that writing is a means to keep me centered. Otherwise, I would probably become a blithering bundle of nerves.
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Yes. I’d like to thank anyone who takes the time to read my novels. I’m not out to become a millionaire, I just really enjoy writing and would love to communicate with people who read my stuff. I have a fairly thick skin – I can take constructive criticism with the best of ‘em, so please – let me know what you think. Good, bad, ugly…I can handle it. It just serves to make me a better writer.
Thank you so much for your time!

Author Bio:

Anlyn Hansell is a 40-something wife and mother of one residing in a small town in South-Central PA. She has a BS in Distribution, a Masters in Business and an overactive imagination to boot. Writing credits previously included all manner of extremely boring ISO documentation, a published editorial on core sand in a foundry magazine and a recurring article in her company newsletter. Not much chance for creative writing there! She began her writing career two years ago, and in that time, has completed seven full length novels. The first four novels centered around romance, but she quickly began including a mystery element to keep the pages turning. She enjoys cooking and baking and of course, indulging in the products of those pursuits. She not only loves to write, she is compelled to do so. Every morning, starting at around 3:30 am, you can find her in her living room tapping away in the dark. It truly is the best time to write! She is currently working on yet another endeavor with the sole purpose of keeping her readers up well into the night.

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Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Date Published:

My name is Meghan Foster and I'm going to save you from yourself.

That is, if a certain someone doesn't stop me...

Don't let the pretty face fool you. I am a product of a seriously troubled past, but I'm a resilient little bugger. I'm a night shift stock replenishing machine and if by chance, you don't think that sounds too exciting? You are sorely mistaken, my friend. This is my life. I can't explain it. I won't even attempt to try.

I do have certain powers of persuasion that I am more than willing to use, especially if aforementioned 'certain someone' doesn't interfere.

His name is Lance and he is by far the most delicious creature I've ever laid eyes on. I have no idea who he is or what he wants with me, but I guess I'm about to find out the hard way...

Who says stocking shelves is boring?

Read an excerpt:
Later I’m sitting on the dock, a stupid grin on my face. Carly and Herb are locked in a passionate embrace next to the dumpster, he’s licking her face. Holy crap, Herb…tone it down! He’s just so overenthusiastic, and quite frankly? She doesn’t seem to mind.


“What’s wrong? He thinks about her all the time. I think it’s sweet.” I refuse to look at Lance as he crouches next to me.

“Does she ever think about him?” That one had me thinking.

No, not exactly.

“He has a girlfriend,” Lance states in a low voice.

“No, he doesn’t,” I reply, shaking my head with confidence.

“Yes he does. Oh! And did I forget to mention his girlfriend is pregnant?”

I bite my lip. Lance doesn’t lie.

“He never talks about her. Hell, he never even thinks about her. He only ever thinks about Carly! I swear…” I whisper uncertainly.

“That’s because he’s a selfish bastard. And now…my misguided little matchmaker…you are officially…a home-wrecker. Good going, ass.”

Suddenly Carly pulls from his embrace, smacking Herb across his face with a resounding Crack! She storms away, leaving a very confused Herb holding the side of his face.

“That’ll leave a mark…”

I roll my eyes at Lance’s whispered words.

I’m biting my nails. I just wanted to do was something nice tonight. Maybe something to counteract my stunt with Monica… I just wanted to feel good about myself. Now I feel like shit. I’m being hauled up by my arm pits. “Come on.” I can hear Lance’s voice as I’m set on my feet, and none too gently, I might add.

“Am I in trouble?” I can’t wipe the sheepish look from my face.

“Are you ever not in trouble?” He’s nudging me toward the door to the warehouse.

My feet step reluctantly. “Are you going to punish me?”

“Maybe. Come on.” Another nudge.

“I respectfully decline.”

“You don’t get a choice.”

And with that, we are standing in the "Break Room of Doom" as I like to call it now. I hope he doesn’t set me on fire. I hate it when he sets me on fire…

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