Thursday, April 16, 2015

'Gothic Poetry of Leonardo Draculay' by Ollan Webb

The dark and romantic poetry of Leonardo Draculay (aka Ollan Webb)

Read some samples:
When I was a jester and You were a queen 
Oh, do You remember
long ago
down the halls of memory
when I was a jester
and you were a queen?
Oh, how I put on a happy face
and sang and danced
and juggled
to the tinkling sound of bells
Oh, I could never tell You
of the world You meant to Me
I sang as my heart was breaking
Oh, how I pined My life away
drop by drop
I died unknown and unremembered
by You
in that life so long ago
like a half remembered dream
Oh, do You remember
when I was a reed
and You were a swan
the wind blew
its gentle breath
as I sang to You
and bowed down
to Your lovely form
and then You spread
Your lovely wings and flew away
and left Me so forlorn
as the wind blew
with its cold breath
and I sang a sad song
for a love unborn
in that life so long ago
down the halls of memory
like a half forgotten song
Oh, I remember
when I was a flower
and You a butterfly
and You fluttered by
in Your bright and lovely colors
Oh, you flew with Your lovely wings
among My leaves
and rested your soft
and delicate feet on My petals
as You enslaved Me in a hopeless love
that I knew which was all lost
then You spread Your soft and lovely wings
and flew away
in that life long ago
like a half


The music of Your heart 
The life of My soul
dances to the music
of You heart
it dances to a breathless excitement
a quickening rhythm
how your flesh burns Me
not the heat of a harsh flame
but with a burning warmth
heat from Your raging passionate blood
under Your skin
Your sweat
like a sticky perfume
so sweet
I dance to this breathless
You call out My name
and I Yours
in tender whispers
this dance of love
let it know no ending
let the sun vanish
let it never rise again
let Me never see
the light of day
like an eternal vampire
who forever lives in night
oh, the angels
can have there heaven
I see now
it is but a dull
and worthless thing
how Your sweat
seeps into My pores
an intoxicating potion
I am enslaved
by the taste
of Your sweat
on the tip of My tongue
You have become
My universe
My soul
My very soul
dances to the rhythm
of Your heart
Oh, the music of Your heart
Speaks of mysteries
that no creature
ever knew
creation began
the universe
is but a wavering phantom
and only You
My love are real.

About Ollan Webb

I have a degree in philosophy. Most all the time I write poetry and songs and music. I live alone but have some romantic interest. I have an interest in eastern religions, Physical Immortalism and various spiritual ideas.

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