Saturday, April 11, 2015

'Surprise From the Past (Friends and Enemies)' by Paige Kelley


She was tired of dating jerks.

Back in her home town of Atlanta after culinary school, Mandy hadn’t really thought much about her helpful chemistry tutor, Jack, after high school was over. When he shows up after they’ve both finished college, she can’t stop thinking about him. Working on her new career and balancing the potential new romance is exciting, distracting, and confusing.

Jack couldn’t believe his luck when he ran into his secret high school crush at a local watering hole when he was visiting family. When he realizes that there’s a chance she is interested in him now, he has to figure out how to handle his girlfriend so he can be available for the relationship he’s really always wanted.

As things start to heat up between them, Jack must decide if Mandy is worth breaking Juliet’s heart over so they can have a shot at happiness together. When she finally finds out that she’s been competing with someone she didn’t even know existed, Mandy must navigate a sticky situation so that she doesn’t lose her career along with the man she thought might be The One.

Read an excerpt:
The girls clinked their glasses together and Mandy took a sip. 
“Um, Mandy? Excuse me. I’m sorry. Sorry to bother you. But Mandy?” 
This was a male voice. Surprised, Mandy looked up to see a guy at their table. She tried to place the face but came up empty. She hoped it wasn’t a creepy guy about to hit on them.

“Hi…um,” Mandy smiled, still trying to remember him. 
He laughed, “It’s Jack. Jack Harrison.” 
Mandy’s eyes widened. No way, she thought. She tried to picture the last time she had seen Jack in high school, when he was tutoring her in chemistry, to the muscular and handsome man in front of her right now. The two images didn’t match up at all.

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