Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Read an excerpt from Chronicle of a Longing by Kat De Moor


Two people. A continent and two decades apart. A second-chance romance?

Valentina and Vicente met in 1998 but their relationship remains platonic. After a long separation they find each other again to realize that their feelings are still present, and that the attraction is stronger than ever. Meanwhile, they no longer live in the same city but ten thousand kilometres away from each other.

Will they be ready to rise to the challenge and give their love another opportunity?

Pick up Chronicle of a Longing now, and fall in love….

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Read an excerpt:

About the author:
Kat De Moor was born in Belgium and lived many years in Mexico City. Her interest in other cultures, her love for storytelling, as well as her deep connection with Mexico have inspired her to write "Chronicle of a Longing," her first novel.

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