Wednesday, December 23, 2015

'Change Your Mind, Not Your Child' by Michael Cavallaro

“Change Your Mind, Not Your Child” brings to the forefront what goes on beneath the surface in parent/child relationships. Those aspects that have been hidden up until now become clear. Situations that have been unmanageable become manageable, as we learn that it’s not the child that has to change – it’s us.

The love of self creates an example for children so they can love themselves fully. Look within and discover how your own upbringing and family patterns influence your life experiences today.

Learn how to assist yourself and your children in becoming self-directed, self-actualized and loving human beings. This information when applied in daily life will transform and transmute one to their very core and the way they parent, no longer perpetuating the same old family patterns that have been carried on for generations. The creation of a new way of living that is rich and fulfilling.

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Children, parenting, love and transparency 
A child is never too young to hear your words, but you also have to remember that your energy must match your words. The energy in your feeling, the energy in your attitudes must match your touch and your words. When that energy is congruent, as the child gets older their cognitive abilities expand, then the explanation matches everything that they felt and a complete understanding is achieved. Whether they agree with it or like it is not the issue. The purpose here is not to have them like it, it’s to have them understand and feel what you are teaching them. That’s why what you do when you do these things must be done with love. 
Love doesn’t mean wimpy.

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About the author:

Michael Cavallaro’s life work has been finding ways for people to integrate their spiritual nature with their everyday lives. For over 40 years he has helped thousands to lead healthier, happier lives by finding practical solutions to life’s challenges. As an international speaker, his true gift is expressing what each person knows within their own heart but never fully admits; assisting individuals who are ready to shed what’s not working in order to let their own light shine.

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