Monday, December 7, 2015

'Something Like You and I' by Yareth Vergara

Arriving to the boring small town of Sweet Home, Oregon. Katherine feels trapped in a big white house in the middle of nowhere. Filled with people she’s not use to. All the different personalities in one house start to bother her. Feeling claustrophobic and unable to relax, she decides to leave the house, and run to some place she can be alone. After a long time of looking for the perfect place, she finds a beautiful spot under a tree in a lake not too far from the big house. Katherine wonders why a place so enchanting can be so desolated. She begins to visit the lake every day, just to be away from her crazy family for at least a couple hours a day. The lake becomes her hiding spot. Somewhere where she can just be herself. Somewhere where she can relax by doing the little things she loves the most. From reading, to painting, or just by listen to her favorite music without any interruptions. A place where she can cry without anyone hearing her, a place where she can just listen to the sweet sound of silence. Until one day she realizes that she might not be the only one trying to escape reality. After going to the lake one afternoon and meeting Alex, Kathrine has no idea what’s about to come next.

About the author:

I enjoy writing a bit too much, I love developing new characters, and stories behind them. My dream is to maybe someday become a successful writer, even though sometimes it seems like something very hard to accomplish. I will still continue writing forever, even if it’s not professionally, just because it brings joy to my life. I have a book called Something Like you And I.

I feel very proud of it, and really do love it. I like receiving feedback, good or bad, as long as is constructive criticism.

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