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The Halford Trilogy by Lara Blunte



At seventeen, Miss Georgiana Blake knows that John Crawford is the only man she will ever love -- and that she will marry him when he comes back from war.

What Georgiana cannot imagine is that her marriage will become so important for her family, or that she will have to forsake the man she adores.

A man whose virtue is not forgiveness.

Read an excerpt:
Georgiana was as full of expectation as dread at John’s return. She had yearned to see him for two long years before she married Hugh, a yearning that had been felt minute by minute, and which had never dulled or spent itself until she had become the Countess of Halford. 
Then it had still been there, but like the horrible phantom pain of a missing limb, with the memory of its amputation always fresh in her mind. She could no longer sit like a girl, reading John’s letters again and again, Kissing the lock of his hair, weeping over the circle he had drawn to ask her to marry him, to wait for him. She could no longer smile and tingle all over remembering his kisses, how his lips had felt, his hair in her hands, how his eyes had looked at her and promised all sorts of passionate delights. She could not run to her father to be comforted when a letter said that he was in the middle of war, or wait by the gate for another letter to come. 
She had given her life away, and now she belonged to another man, and would do so until one of them died.

Read another excerpt here.



Willful, vain and intelligent, Lady Catherine Lytton believes she is in full control of her destiny when she inherits a large fortune from her uncle.

The return of a distant kinsman, Adrian Stowe, the Earl of Halford, is a welcome relief from the monotony of the English countryside.

Adrian is handsome, enigmatic and, some say, mad. But then, what man would escape the grisly murder of mother, father and brother unscathed? He is also the last of his line, and yet seems to have no interest in his title or his wealth -- and no inclination to find a wife.

In fact, he doesn't seem to do anything that is expected of him; yet, in her pride, Catherine hardly thinks that the Earl will inspire an uncontrollable passion in her. Above all, she cannot imagine that it will be unrequited.

As she follows him to Constantinople, trying to unveil the mystery that surrounds him, she will learn the meaning of love, even as she seems about to lose everything that is precious.

Read excerpt 1 here.

Read excerpt 2 here.

About the author:

I have always liked history, which was my minor at Georgetown University, and I decided to write books set at different times, providing information of what I know about each period.

As I travel a lot for my job, I always enjoy adding the sights and sounds of places where I have lived or been, even if the places that draw me might be considered "exotic": Istanbul, Kampala, Phnom Penh, Cuernavaca.

Apart from writing, I am a voracious reader, and I love film and television as well.

In my novels, I like to create multi-dimensional characters with flaws that lead them to difficult situations, from which they will emerge changed. The course of true love never did run smooth, so I believe that a certain darkness in tales of passion is always a good addition. I also like to add a dose of humor.

The romances I have loved are by authors such as Jane Austen, the Br├Ântes, Leo Tolstoy Thomas Hardy and George Eliot, among others -- though I don't presume to write as well as they did.

I try to stay true to different eras, while not alienating the reader by being too inflexible with the language and situations.

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