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'Taking Charge' Book Tour - Review


Welcome to the Reading Addiction Blog Tour for Mandy Baggot's book Taking Charge. Check out more about the book, my opinions and enter the giveaway at the end of the post!

Date Published: 5/3/12

Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing


Is going back Robyn’s only way forward?

American-born Robyn Matthers is going home. With her dad in hospital, his roadhouse in ruins and the ice hockey team slipping down the league, she needs to take charge. But does she have the strength to do it?

Cole Ryan is a hockey player on a personal mission. He’s tall, dark, hot and Robyn’s noticed! But can she trust her feelings - or his? And what will Cole do when he finds out the truth about her?

Robyn returns to Michigan and things aren’t quite the same. Her best friend has grown up and is thinking about marriage and babies, the ice hockey team is no longer the life blood of the community and her father is engaged!

When Robyn’s twin cousins drag up past events that hold painful memories for her, she and Cole are forced together. But are either of them ready to start something new?

With an ill father, a trailer trash almost step-mom and ex-boyfriend Brad desperate for another chance, does Robyn have time to contemplate a relationship? Does she really want one? And is it physically possible for two people to fall in love in just three days?

Read an Excerpt:
Cole opened the door and Robyn pushed him inside. She grabbed hold of his hands and put them on her hips. She kissed him, pushing him down onto the floor of the hallway. She wanted to get as close to him as she could. She pulled his t-shirt over his head and looked appreciatively at the firm, muscular chest underneath. She ran her fingers down, across his sternum to the waistband of his jeans.
Cole stopped her, taking hold of her hand and squeezing it in his.
She looked into his eyes, those deep, dark eyes. She kissed his lips again, closing her eyes and savoring every second of how it felt to lose herself in someone, without any questions or recriminations. Without anyone having to get up and go home.
Cole brought her fingers to his mouth and softly kissed each knuckle in turn. His gentleness was too much to bear, and she drew herself away, let him go and got to her feet, sweeping her hair back out of her face.

My thoughts

I like Robyn. She lives up to the title of the novel as she swoops in and quickly takes charge of her father's life. I also like the blend of American and English traits in her, as she has lived in England for 9 years. I like that the book takes place in Michigan, as I grew up just south of the line in Ohio. This feels like home in some ways.

I also relate to feeling out of sorts when you return home after 9 years because your father is lying in a hospital, extremely ill. You have all kinds of memories about how wonderful your childhood was and you are desperate to get that back. Robyn is going overboard by taking over management of the roadhouse and the hockey team, but I get it. It fits her personality.

Her relationship with Cole feels too fast, yet feels right. I don't think Robyn would expect anything less out of her other half, especially considering certain incidents in her past. Cole's history requires a forceful push into moving on to someone new.

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Author Bio

Mandy Baggot is a self-confessed Twitter addict who likes to sing on You Tube. She regularly guests on book blogs and is a featured author on the innovative website She is also a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Taking Charge is her fifth novel. Mandy lives near Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK with her husband and two daughters.

Contact links:

Twitter Handle: @mandybaggot

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