Sunday, March 30, 2014

'Exercise Makes You Fat' by Russell Eaton

Have you ever wondered whether exercise does in fact help you lose weight? Why is it that so many people who do regular exercise remain overweight? There is an almost universal belief that exercise helps you lose surplus body weight. This misconception is compounded by another myth: that exercise burns calories or burns fat, and this helps you lose weight.

Astounding new research and scientific evidence is clearly saying that exercise actually makes you fat. If you want to lose weight and stay slim you need to stop doing exercise. By 'exercise' we mean any physical activity that is sufficiently vigorous or sustained to make you breathless and/or sweaty; this is the usual understanding of the word exercise. On the other hand, physical activity that does not make you breathless/sweaty is good for the body and very healthy.

The latest research is clearly showing that exercise shortens life expectancy, is bad for health in general, and causes a host of problems, such as osteoarthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, premature aging of the body, and weaker bones to name just a few of the issues. Most of all, exercise has a dramatic effect on body weight and is a major cause of surplus body fat, and this is the main focus of this book.

Discover the shocking truth about exercise. See how we have all been brain-washed into believing that to lose weight and be slim you must do exercise. The quickest and easiest way to a slim and good-looking body (for men and women) is to NOT do exercise. Best of all, by not doing exercise, you will see a dramatic improvement in your health and well-being.

This really is a life-changing book and makes essential reading for just anybody interested in their good health.

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