Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review of 'Tea and Primroses (The Legley Bay Collection #2)' by Tess Thompson

Book blurb:

Nothing is as it seemed in calm, quaint Legley Bay.

Famous novelist Constance Mansfield lived a seemingly straightforward – if private – and somewhat predictable life. Friends, beloved daughter Sutton, a beautiful home, and all the success an author could wish for. A perfect life….but was it?

When a hit and run accident suddenly takes her mother’s life, Sutton finds hidden secrets with her heartbreak. Emotional walls she assumed Constance had built to protect her privacy may have been to protect something – or someone – else entirely. Family and friends return home for support, including her own lost-love, Declan. He’s the first thing she craves to help her cope with her loss and the questions she’s left with, but he’s also the last person she wants to see. Will he be able to put down roots at last?

Can the loss of true love be the making of a life, or is it destined to be the undoing of everything? When money, power and love combine across time, anything is possible.

**My thoughts**

I love Tess Thompson's books. I devoured her River Valley Collection as it came out and was happy to see a new series. Although, I didn't realize that there was a book that came before this one. I will rectify that and read it soon! The nice thing about her books is that while they are in a series, you can potentially read each one as a stand-alone and not be lost.

This book is a love story within a love story. Sutton grew up with her best friend Declan. The two of them fell in love, but drifted apart. Like all good love stories, their destiny was to stay madly in love, even if they couldn't admit it. Everyone is trying to get them back together, some from beyond the grave.

Constance, a prolific and wildly successful writer, had her own secret love, that she never shared with those close to her. Her death reveals all of her secrets and true love prevails. Twists in the plot are pretty predictable, but I am still a sucker for a great love story like the ones depicted in this book. There's also a hint of mystery in this book. I am also aching to see my primroses bloom and was craving a cup of tea.

The details and the settings are described in such a way that you are transported to the west coast (and beyond). I got completely lost in the story and can't wait to read more of them.

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